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    Re: Simply count the colored cells per row

    That was it!!!! Thank you guys so much for helping me with this. It works perfectly just how I dreamed it would, and this is going to save me from adding each row manually, and make my life so much easier. Amazing.

    Re: Simply count the colored cells per row

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    This will do what you want. It assumes your Blue is the Excel default blue. AKA "vbBlue".

    Ok so after I create a module in VBE, how do I get it to work? Do I need to use it as a function?

    I'm using Excel 2003. All I need to do is have the cells in the O column count the number of cells I have manually changed to the color of per row. I'll be changing the color to blue in the range of B4 to N33. I'm a self taught Excel user, and this is the first time I've attempted something this complex. Thanks.