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    Re: Multiple Text To Columns


    thanks for this. excellent learning material. i eventually worked out how to do it just using arrays.

    This assumes there is a max of 4 items in the list.

    Re: Multiple Text To Columns

    Hi Jindon,

    I'll give that a try. In the mean time I built this which seems to do the job, although it is very untidy and confusing! (such are most of the macros I make).

    Would you be able to explain what the With CreateObject("VBScript.RegExp") functionality allows? Can't say I'm familiar with it.

    Re: Multiple Text To Columns


    For some reason this is seperating everything with a space into a new field. I believe the "Treat consecutive delimiters as one" isn't working properly.


    This works provided there is only one item per number. However, in some instances, it could be 1. CYUB2, CUB33 2. XFD3. In this case I would like "CYUB2, CUB33" in one field and "XFD3" in the other.

    Any further suggestions?


    Hi there,

    Some of the cells in my spreadsheet contain a list. For instance, cell A1 will have:

    1. CYUP1 2. CYUP5 3.CYUP4

    And cell A2 will have:

    1. BDFD 2. DFJFD 3. DFJKE 4.DFDfd

    Ideally I would like to split these out so that cell A1 contains CYUP1, Cell B1 contains CYUP5, Cell C1 contains CYUP4 etc.

    The maximum amount of numbers in the list will be 4.


    Re: Retrieving data from pivot table

    This assumes the values are in Columns A, B, C and D. Inserts new sheet with all the values.

    Re: Copying rows based on differenec between two dates

    Quote from royUK;715047

    There's no point attaching an example workbook that is not representative of your actual workbook.

    Hi Roy,

    The original workbook contained information I didn't feel comfortable disclosing on here but it was similar to the example workbook I uploaded. I just wanted to see what people would do for it and then I would adjust the code accordingly. Sorry for the confusion!

    Re: Copying rows based on differenec between two dates

    Quote from royUK;714993

    I didn't suggest adding new rows. The dates are your sheet are text not actual dates. To write efficient code then dates should be entered as dates. This really applies to using Excel in general as well - always enter dates as dates. The code could then automate AdvancedFilter and run in seconds.

    What is this code referring to, there is no value in Column X

    xdate = Range("X" & i).Value

    Sorry Roy I only uploaded an example sheet to see if someone could help, the sheet that I'm running the macro on is different. In my first post I specified that the two target columns were BS and X. I'd be interested in hearing how autofilter would help here? The main aim was to copy entries where there was a difference of more than 1 between action date and entry date. My first method involved inserting new rows, but seeing as the excel file was over 20000 rows large this took a long time. As such, I opted to add them at the bottom (because it doesn't matter where they're located, they can be filtered by account and date later).

    Re: Copying rows based on differenec between two dates

    I've managed to figure this out on my own to an extent. Inserting new rows would have cause too many issues because of the vast amount of data. As a result I just add it on to the bottom of all the data.

    Hi there,

    I'm going to make a horrible job at explaining this so bare with me.

    We input information into our system on a certain day, however sometimes that information does not get actioned until a few days later. For instance, the information was put into the system on the 11th of April, however wasn't actioned until the 15th. What I need is something that creates copies for all the dates in between. I also need it to show how old each of the entries are as the days progress in a new column, as well as another column showing the dates. For example, where it currently shows


    The action dates are in column "X" and the Entry Dates are in column "BS"

    It's also worth noting that there are over 20,000 rows of data in this sheet, however not every row will need duplicate entries. For instance, if the entry date was the 11th and the Action date was the 12th then nothing needs to be done.


    Re: Duplicate values in two ranges

    Thank you to royUK who was responsible for helping me use arrays in a previous post to identify duplicates on another sheet :)

    Re: Duplicate values in two ranges

    Quote from apo;713968

    Hey.. I might be lazy.. but...

    Attach a sample Workbook showing raw data and results desired...

    Hi apo, you're not being lazy :P

    I've managed to figure this out. I've just seperated the two ranges on to different sheets and ran a filter on the values in column C on one of them to delete them off the second range.

    I hope that makes sense. If anyone wants the code then just ask.

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to develop a macro which looks to see if there are any duplicate values in two seperate ranges and then deletes off the duplicate in one of the them.

    For example, I'll have two ranges (Range 1 and Range 2).

    If any of the values from Column C in Range 1 exist within Column C in Range 2, then I would like the entire row containing that value on Range 2 to be deleted.

    I have a feeling this can be done using Match which would identify the row number but I'm not sure how to integrate this into VBA. If it's of any help I've already identified and stored the two ranges.


    Re: Problem copying data in loop function

    Roy, I've realised my mistake. When I go into the 2nd phase of the loop the sheet with all the data is active, so szCharToFind isn't taken from Sheet1 anymore.


    I also had to move the 'Next i' line up to just below the End With.

    Hi there,

    In one of the sheets in my document (Sheet3) I have a list of names. The aim of the macro is to look at each name, and if that name exists in column A of another sheet then the macro will select all that data and copy it across. Here is the code:

    The problem I'm having is that when it moves to the next name and selects all the data on the other sheet containing that name, it also seems to select the last name as well. For instance, if the names were


    The first time it will select all the information containing bob and paste it on another sheet. However, when it looks for Andrew, it selects all the data containing Andrew and Bob, then pastes it on another sheet.

    Any suggestions as to what is causing the problem? I feel like I've looked through everything.