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    Hi everyone, I've been coming here a while now, and I can see my question has been partly answered.

    I'm looking to have an excell file shared on a windows network to a simple LAN (samba sharing), and then for a user to be able to click on a HTML link that will launch that excell pile, and to have it populate specific and predeterminined cells with information that will be handed to it by the HTML link from the website.

    Think of a CRM web app that href is a link like: "\\LAN1\Files\excellbook01.xls?Mrs%20Wendy%20Jones?4%20Skin%20Street"

    From something like that I would like to launch excell and have Mrs Jones' details populate into the predefined excell sheet. The HTML website can dynamically populate a HTML link depending on the customer being viewed.

    So I'd like to know how two things
    1) how to launch a network file in this way, while correctly handing it parameters or switched that it will be able to later:
    2) Collect that information and distribute it into the cells I choose in VBA.

    I'm familiar with Visual Basic .Net primarily, and have a small amount of VBA experience.

    We would like to continue to use Google chrome if possible...

    Thanks everyone