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    Hi All, Hoping an excel whiz can assist.

    Basically, I have a list of email addresses (alphabetical order) in column 'A', and a list of employee names (first name & last name) in column 'B'. There are more email addresses than employee names and I would like the email addresses to match up to the employee name in column 'C'.

    I found a formula in a separate post that works perfectly fine (original post, however there is an issue when there are two or more employees with the same first name. The excel formula picks up on the first duplicate first name on the 'email' list which means it matches the employee name with the incorrect email address. Can someone please amend the formula for me.

    =INDEX($A:$A,MATCH(SUBSTITUTE(B1," ",".")&"*",$A:$A,0),1)

    Re: matching 2 columns together

    Hi there, I found this formula very helpful, however I have a slight problem .....If there is more than one employee with the same 'first name' on the list (Column B), it will pick up on the specified first name on the email list (Column A) alphabetically and then pick up on the incorrect email address that has the correct first name, but last name does not match.

    =INDEX($A:$A,MATCH(SUBSTITUTE(B1," ",".")&"*",$A:$A,0),1)

    Can someone please amend the above formula for me.

    Appreciate any help!