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    Re: Merge duplicate rows and sum value

    On the basis that your data starts "A2", has a max of 7 columns and you want the result based on the first 4 columns, Try this:-
    NB:- This code will alter your data.

    Regards Mick

    Re: Make Animation Buton When Press it

    Try something like this in an Explosive shape:-
    NB:- You need to play with the numbers to get just what you want !!!!

    Sub Explosion24_Click()
    With ActiveSheet.Shapes(Application.Caller)
      .Width = IIf(.Width = 250, 50, 250)
      .Height = IIf(.Height = 250, 50, 250)
      .Left = IIf(.Width = 250, 250, 300)
      .Top = IIf(.Height = 250, 200, 250)
    End With
    End Sub

    Re: Create VBA return that will return customised results when comparing two workshee

    Try the method below .
    NB:- The first line of the code Had a Typo and a code error, but I have now altered it. So you can now copy from the thread to get the correct code.

    To Save and Run Code:-
    Copy code from Thread
    In Your Data sheet , Click "Alt+F11",:- Vb Window appears.
    From the VBWindow toolbar, Click "Insert" ,"Module":- New VBwindow appears .
    Paste Code into this window.
    Close Vbwindow.

    On sheet Click "Developer tab", Click "Macro". Macro dialog box appears.
    Select Macro (with same name) from List.
    On the right of Dialog box Click "Run"
    The Sheets "3_Dropped" and "4_New" should now be updated.
    Regrds Mick

    Re: Create VBA return that will return customised results when comparing two workshee

    Try this:-

    Regards Mick

    Re: Merge duplicate rows and sum value

    Try this for results on sheet2.

    Re: Family Tree - Parent-Child relationship - Derivation

    Perhaps this :-
    code running from commandButton1

    Re: Remove a entire column inside a listbox

    You could use something like below to remove a column in the result , using the "Index" function
    Checkbox = True = 3 columns
    Checkbox= False = 4 columns

    Dim Ray, nRay As Variant
    Ray = ListBox1.List
    If CheckBox1.Value = True Then
        nRay = Application.Index(Ray, Evaluate("Row(1:" & UBound(Ray, 1) & ")"), Array(1, 3, 4)) '<<see in Array, columns 2 is missing
        Range("N1").Resize(UBound(Ray, 1), UBound(Ray, 2)).Value = nRay
        Range("N1").Resize(UBound(Ray, 1), UBound(Ray, 2) + 1).Value = Ray
    End If

    Re: Overlap dates to highlight

    Try this for Range B4 to E12 and CheckBoxes in Range AS8 & to AT11. Change ranges in code as appropriate to new data.

    Re: 2 column list box to reflect 2 column range

    Try this:-
    I think you need to fill the List box as shown below, NOT with rowsource
    It does not seem possible to have Multselect set to Multi, but you can select a number individual rows that will be updated as you go.

    Re: Transpose Data From Horizontal To Vertical

    Try this for results on sheet2:-

    Regards Mick

    Re: Copying parts of data into master data sheet

    If you used cell "B1" in the data sheet for the Week Number you want in the master sheet to start from, you could then alter the line below to pick up this value.

    .Cells(1, col + 1).Value = "Week " & col +[b1]