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    Re: All Possible Combinations from Single Column

    Try this for results in "B".

    Re: Copying parts of data into master data sheet

    Try this for results on sheet master.
    NB:- Run the code on each weeks new data, in data sheet (columns A & B), replacing the previous weeks data by the new data before running code.

    Re: Symbol Drop Down List

    Run the first code to fill your range with validation list of the Words "Tick, Cross & "N/A"

    Right click the sheet tab select "View Code" vbWindow appears, Paste the second code in that window,
    Close VbWindow
    When you now select any of the validation cells and select either "Tick , "Cross or "N/A" the appropriate symbol should appear.

    Re: Disable duplicate entrance of data into the worksheet

    Try this:-
    NB:- This code should not allow any duplicate in columns "A & G"

    Re: Disable duplicate entrance of data into the worksheet

    Try this for columns "A & G":-

    Re: Import selected option button value in a group back to user form

    This may be wide of the mark, but I thought you could, instead of passing the target.row to the userform code, you could pass the actual "Target" as a range. Being a range object you could then find all the row values using the Target .offset(,??) value.
    Then you could loop the option buttons "Labels" until you found the correct reply, and then set it to "true"

    Re: Excel VBA - Search and Remove String Data


    Re: Count Cell with specific color

    Try this:-

    Re: Duplicate rows macro and apply text to each duplicate set based on a list

    Try this:-

    Re: Summing multidimensional arrays

    Results column "A"

    Dim ray, R As Long, Ac As Long, c As Long
    ray = [{1,2,3;2,3,4;3,4,5;4,5,6}] ' and this would return {6;9;12;15}.
    ReDim nRay(1 To UBound(ray, 1))
    For R = 1 To UBound(ray, 1)
        c = c + 1
        For Ac = 1 To UBound(ray, 2)
            nRay(c) = nRay(c) + ray(R, Ac)
        Next Ac
    Next R
    Range("A1").Resize(UBound(ray, 1)).Value = Application.Transpose(nRay)

    Re: Highlight date clashes in Annual leave between staff

    This is another workaround, hopefully you will not notice any problems.