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    I have a validated list that when it drops down is not in the format it needs to be. Eg I have 2 WingDings symbols that are on a "Data" worksheet and the list is defined and formatted in that font. On my working worksheet the cells that the dropdown list appear in are formatted to WingDings2, but when you click on the list arrow the dropdown list reveals the QWERTY symbol. eg [FONT="wingdings 2"]P[/FONT] shows as P.

    How can I overcome this as when other users of the lists reveal the dropdown, they will have no idea what they need to select?

    Any help much appreciated.

    Re: Startup Prompt External Links

    It says "this workbook contains one or more links than cannot be updated" withe options to "Continue" or "Edit Links..." I click edit links and the status is showing "OK" and Update is "A", which I guess means Automatic.

    :smash: I have linked a data worksheet to a workbook in the same folder, but even though I have selected "Automatic Update" and "don't prompt", I am still getting the Startup Prompt when I open the workbook.

    The status of the linked worksheet is "OK" and there doesn't seem to be any issue regarding the link. I have checked the settings in Tools>Options>Edit and the "Ask to update..." option is unchecked.

    Does anyone have the answer to this annoying "pop-up" for me?


    I have attached a small example
    My problem is this: I have a list of data of employees. I want to be able to input a number (in column A in example) and to search the data records for this number. When the number has been found, the corresponding info data from that Row will show in columns B,C & D.

    I have tried this using LOOKUP etc but find that it is "hit & miss". I can input one ID number and the corresponding details will appear, but very often if I enter any other ID numbers further down the sheet I sometimes get the correct data or I might get the "N/A" error. The error seems to occur, I think, if the next input ID number is higher than the last. The ID numbers I input down column A will NOT be in numerical oredr.

    Any help will be exteremely appreciated as I have been going at this one for a while now.

    Re: Iterating and Transfer Data

    That works brilliantly and exactly what I am looking for.
    But I am a bit confused and I hope you can explain. If I wanted to create a list of, let's say, 9 columns instead of 3, what do I need to do to modify the calculations part and row 2 of the output sheet in your example?

    Re: Create List from Criteria

    I was trying to make the example easier to explain, but in fact the list on worksheet2 should be updated when criteria from 2 columns are met on worksheet1.
    Also, some of the cells will be blank and I have tried autofilter and I just get random numbers appearing in cells that should be blank.

    I'm not helping much am I.

    Re: Create List from Criteria

    Data will be input onto one sheet (worksheet1) with all the details required in about 25 columns.
    On one of those specific columns (which in this case is to do with attendance) if the word "Good" is entered then a list, on a separate worksheet (worksheet2), needs to be updated with the data from 5 of the columns for this occurrence.

    I bet this is no clearer.

    Re: Create List from Criteria

    Quote from Badger101

    MIssed your reply before a started typing.

    Why isn't it a good idea?

    Because I am not the only one to use this spreadsheet, there are about 40 other people who will need access to update the sheet, and many of them still think a PC is a man in uniform...

    I am trying to compile a list from a spreadsheet using one specific criteria but taking information from other columns on that sheet on rows where the criteria is met. Below is an example which will hopefully explain better what I am trying to do:
    A B C D E
    1 Jones Red Day Car Good
    2 Davies Green Night Car Excellent
    3 Evans Blue Day Bus Good

    I want to create a list of all those rows where "Good" is in column E. But I only want to include the data from columns A,C and D in the list for the rows that meet the criteria.
    I have probably made this as clear as mud, but I really would appreciate any assistance in this.

    Re: Iterating and Transfer Data

    Thanks for the reply.

    That is the thing I am looking for, apart from the columns I need the information from may not be adjacent. Can this still be used?

    I want to check 3 columns of data in one worksheet where all 3 criteria have to be met, and where the 3 criteria are met I want to put those details onto a list in another worksheet.

    1 Red Bag 1
    2 Blue Shoe Complete
    3 Green Bag Complete

    I have used SUMPRODUCT after advice from this site to find the line where all 3 columns meet the criteria if for example I wanted to search which lines have "Red" and "Bag" and "1", 1 being a code for missing, in this case, paperwork. What I want to do is check column C on all lines to find a 1, and any that are found I want to list A and B for that line on a separate worksheet to create a report of current outstanding paperwork.

    Any ideas, guidance much appreciated.