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    Re: Find & Count All Possible Combinations

    Thanks for the fast response.

    John and Mary picks 4 numbers daily (only using numbers 0-9)
    ex. on 9-26-09 John's 1st pick was "8", 2nd "5", 3rd "8", 4th "0"
    Yes. There will only be (1st to 4th)

    J1 through S1 represent the column of numbers that can be drawn.(0-9)

    J3 through S3 represent the total number of times each number was drawn.
    ex. between John and Mary the number 1 was picked 4 times in total

    J7 through S7 represent the total number of times each number was drawn by John only.
    ex. How many times did John pick the number 3. Ans. 5 times in total

    J11 through S11 represent the total number of times each number was drawn by Mary only.
    ex. How many times did Mary pick the number 3. Ans. 7 times in total

    Lastly, I would like to type in 4 random numbers in cell J19 and below it should produce all possible combination's from the numbers drawn.

    I hope this is better explained. The sheet has the actual expected results.

    Hi people, I have a few calculations I cannot solve for life of me. I know you guys can figure this out. In the example attached you will see the list of the numbers that were drawn (More numbers will be added as time continues).
    I was able to use "countif" to find the total number of time each number was drawn.
    My delima, I need:
    1. Count the number of times each number was drawn by person.
    John starting in cell J7
    Mary starting in cell J11

    2. I need to type in 4 digits in cell J19, and find all possible combinations from the list of numbers drawn

    List what combination of numbers that was drawn including the date it was drawn by person starting at cell I20 using the format as shown

    Thanks for your help, REALLY!

    Fellas. tell me if this is possible. I have serveral cells with a comment attached with info in it. Is there any way to export that info from the comment into a cell without having to do the manual cut copy paste?

    OK people I have a problem.
    A novice I am. I'm sure this is simple enough for most of you guys. Most of it has been comleted except one last part. I have drop down fields using a vlookup to grab the corresponding data in a colums next it which is being concatenated into a one big cell. The problem is a set of other columns that I need to pull data from but its dependant to a previous column. In the attachment you see which ever region is selected the following column data is grabbed and the same goe for title. Now when the location is selected the info in its column should be selected that corresponds to the row that the specific title is on. example
    if selected: North America>Secretary>Texas
    results: A Crazy Mix->;typical,Notepad, pen,square dance
    I am sure you guys can figure this out.