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    Re: Toolbars and Add-ins

    Def take a look at addin, usefull for two screens. thanks to the guy from vba tips and tricks
    What I wanted to accomplish:

    1. Create an add-in with macros.
    2. Create a toolbar attached to the add-in and customized.
    3. Create a drop-down menu.
    4. Have the Drop-down menu have the same ICON's as the toolbar i created.
    Most of this was covered in the FAQs.

    To add the toolbar to the add-in, i simply made "is addin" property false, attached the toolbar, and then made the workbook an addin.

    To get the toolbar to come up when the addin is installed and leave when uninstalled i used:

    Private Sub Workbook_addinUninstall()
        Run "DeleteMenu"
            On Error Resume Next
            With Application
               .DisplayFullScreen = False
               .CommandBars("JHarrisPersonal").Visible = False
               .CommandBars("JHarrisPersonal").Enabled = False
            End With
        On Error GoTo 0
    End Sub

    and vice versa with Private Sub Workbook_addinInstall....

    the dropdown menu i created using the code in the FAQ.

    The trickier part was getting the dropdown menu to use the customized icons.

    The entire code i have in "this workbook is below"

    I took the codes i found in the FAQ and added to them to make them fit my needs (dropdown menus with custom icons WAHOOOOO)

    simply put is it below

        With CommandBarControl.Controls.Add(Type:=msoControlButton)
                    .Caption = "&VBA Formula"
                    .OnAction = "Get_VBA_Formula"

    I also attached the add-in becasue its pretty useful, and you can get a better feel for the code. It is mostly for handling two monitors.
    I took the code from VBA tips and tricks site but updated/improved on it.

    on the previous code, when you split a workbook into two screens the inactive sheets would default zoom 100, i changed this so that all the sheets will be the same as the original

    take a look and get back if you have any questions comments.

    Re: Toolbars and Add-ins

    i will put solution up, but i'm working on a way to put the icons from my toolbar into the menu bars...
    when i do this i'll explain everything in this post

    Re: Toolbars and Add-ins

    No it hasn't, this discusses creating menus using VBA, i am interested in attaching my "TOOLBAR"

    With my pictures on them.


    i don't want it to be attached to a workbook, i would like toolbars to attached to an add-in.

    I created a custom toolbar in excel. by right clicking on the toolbar, creating new, adding a couple buttons and assigning them to a couple macros.

    I'd like to send this to people, how do i do this.
    Obviously, the toobars's would have to reference the macros, these i have in an add-in.

    Is there anyway that i could attach the toolbar's to the add-in so i could just send the add-in.

    I also created a menu, is there anyway that i can put this into the Add-in also?

    Where does the toolbar i created and the menu that i created save down. If i open a new excel without opening personal.xls, the toolbars will still be there (open one excel, then open another and it tells me that my personal.xls is in use by jason harris, i hit cancel so it opens without my personal workbook)

    Lastly, if I open excel, then go into VB, I can save my personal workbook. How do I save this as or save a copy?