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    Thanks! I guess I should have said "without using VBA" as I've no idea what to do with this. I was hoping I could put something like UPPER(H1,H32). Where do I put the script you've given me? Sorry to appear dumb, but I'm a novic when it comes to Excel.

    How can I convert an entire column of text from lower to uppercase? I can only find the UPPER function which applies to a single text field. Is there any way of applying this to a range?

    Well thanks everyone! I've never had so may good technical replies in so short a time. Unfortunately I have never used VBA and wouldn't know how to implement it. I was hoping for a simple -"oh you just go to options-properties-location" or something similar. As to the network version -no I have a multiple license, but each copy is loaded individualy on each pc, so its a standard copy just pointed to shared areas on the server. I was wrong about it being the same on 2000 and 2002. In 2000 the templates put themselves into a tab when you go to file-new, but not in 2002. So I've reloaded Office 2000 which is prefered by all my users..

    Thanks, I just tried that and it worked, in that I have have a new folder under templates. However, only I can see that -I want a network folder that the department can see, as they all share the same group of templates. This was possible in excel 97, so surely it must be in 2000?

    I'm trying to add a default path to the departmental templates folder in excel 2000. The help says to right click on the toolbar, go to customize then click on the settings tab. I don't have a settings tab! - only Toolbars, Commands and Options. I've looked in Excel 2002 and its the same. In word 2000/2002 there's a path field in options, file locations to put the templates path in, but where is it in Excel?