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    Hi, AlanSidman... I am sorry that I was not clear in my explanation,..

    I'll try to explain, again, what I am asking as a result in column H... here I have calculated in Column G, maximum value from Columns A, C and E... Used formula =LARGE((A2,C2,E2),1)

    in column H, if maximum value is in the cell A2, my result should have Column B Header value and cell B2 value... if max percentage value is from cell C2, then the result should show Column D Header and cell D2 value...

    I have manually filled data in Column H as an example which values i want as result


    I was trying to get in column H concatenated Header data and (next to the right) column data for maximum value of Percentage value in a row which is calculated in column G...

    tried some formula with ''INDEX,MATCH'', but must admit my skills in excel are still at baby level... :)

    for better understanding, I made a screenshot of my table where I've manually filled ''data'' as it should look as a result in column H

    Hope anyone could help

    best regards