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    I have monthly data of Quality for different streams in a table. I am trying to create dashboard. if you select stream then It will display line diagram of that stream. As data is currently monthly data, it shows monthly Horizontal axis. I am trying to create this chart switch between Monthly or Quarterly based dropdown I have created. Suggest me how can I create this.

    I am working on some VBA code, getting stuck with message box code.
    In this Template I open the selected reports and do some required steps. If the report file is not available in the folder, then skip through next report.
    I wanted to add msgbox to know user of Template which reports are missing in folder. Here are my current code:

    Provide me VBA code to add msgbox .

    Thanks in advance.

    In File, Column A has Main Categories. Each Categories normally subcategoried into 4. Subcategories are same for all categories. they are available in Column B, C, D and E. But in Some Categories, only 1 or 2 or 3 subcategories.

    e.g. Column A has Categories like ABC, PQR, XYZ, MNO, EFG
    Subcatgories are A, B, C and D
    ABC has only A subcategories
    PQR has A, B, C, D subcategories
    XYZ has A, D subcategories
    MNO has A, B, C, D subcategories
    EFG has A, B, C subcategories

    I am trying to prepare a list combination of each category and subcategory
    Column A is Category and Column B is Subcategory
    possible output should be like this
    Row 1 Headers
    Row 2 ABC A
    Row 3 PQR A
    Row 4 PQR B
    Row 5 PQR C
    Row 6 PQR D
    Row 7 XYZ A
    Row 8 XYZ D and so on until complition.

    Provide me to prepare VBA Code for this process...

    Thanks in advance.