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    This thread certainly brought back the memories (good :biggrin: and bad :mad: )

    In my days at the University, it was Fortran IV and COBOL with those dreaded punch cards others have mentioned. The worst feeling in the world was having a project due the next day - going to turn in your deck of cards to run and seeing the "turn-around" time clock set to "infinity" - - the Univac 1108 was down again - - only to find out that you spelled "Environment" wrong in your COBOL deck which bombed the program before it got started.

    Was working part time at Radio Shack when the TRS-80's hit the market. Spent all my time (between customers of course :wink1: ) trying to get a bowling game programed - - a little white dot shooting across the screen at 10 other little white dots.

    Onward and upward to the Atari 800 and C64 era - - cutting notches in single sided floppy disks to make them double sided to save money!!

    The company I worked for then had a "Basic 4" computer system with 2 - 75MB disk drives (each the size of a 2 drawer file cabinet)

    I have to agree with Dennis that I sometimes would like to "maintain the simplicity". Some days I miss the ease DOS with the command line functions....... but then again, the only smilies we could use were with a colon and a paran :cheers:


    Hi Philip,

    Paste Values is about the easiest way. Instead of going throught the Edit / Paste Special / Values menus, you could add the Paste Value button to your toolbar - Under View / Toolbars / Customize / Commands - look in the EDIT category and drag the Paste Values icon up to the toolbar where you want it (looks like a clipboard with "12" on it).


    Hi dk,

    Have you tried Data / Filter / Autofilter for this? Might be a start, but I don't think it will give you everything you want though - - and I'm not sure I understand all of the filters you are trying to define.

    It might be possible to build "Advanced Filter Criteria" then put them in a drop down menu or a userform, then display the results of the filter on a different sheet.

    Could you further explain the filters you are trying to get? example - - what does "last x odd/even rows" mean? And how do you determine the "Last x" of any filter - are the rows always in the same order or do they get sorted somehow?


    Hi enner,

    The Gill font files (there are 8 font files) are in the OFFICE1.CAB file on the Microsoft Publisher CD in Office XP Pro. I could not find them on the install CD for Word/Excel, etc. If you have Office Pro, you can either install Publisher and the font files will be included or you can unzip them from the .CAB file.

    Hope this helps


    Hi Gary,

    Probably the easiest way is to autofit the columns after it is exported to excel.

    Open the new excel file
    Click on the small box to the left of the Col A heading and above the Row 1 heading (this will highlight/select the entire worksheet)
    Click on Format / Column / Autofit Selection
    That will make all the columns on the worksheet the correct size for the imported data.

    Hope this helps

    Hi maluodo,

    You could create a workbook_open event macro that asks for a username & password, then applies the "xlveryhidden" property to the worksheets not associated with that user. If you are using the "Share Workbook" feature in Excel, however, I've heard that VBA routines sometimes don't act right with sharing.

    Another possibility, which may be easier, would be to have 3 individual workbooks for the 3 users, then create a 4th workbook (password protected) to consolidate the 3 sheets using links.

    Post back with some more details if this doesn't do it.


    Hi duke,

    That's a pretty open-ended question..

    How many workbooks do you need to combine? Are they in the same directory? All worksheets formatted the same in each workbook? Do you need to add the values together from Sheet1!A1 in each workbook and put the result in Sheet1!A1 of the combined workbook?

    Pass on a few more details of the project and I'm sure someone can help get you started. Also try using the search function here to look for other posts on the same subject - I think there have been a few similar that may help.


    Hi keith,
    Couple of ideas - -
    --Check excel status bar for "EXT" or "ADD" near the right side - Press F8 to get rid of this.

    --Check the Windows Control Panel / Mouse Properties / Buttons - - make sure "ClickLock" in not on.

    --Try a different mouse - even try a switch from PS2 to Serial

    Any similar problems in other programs?


    Click on the "35" (on the left of the screen) to highlight the whole row. Then click on Edit / Clear / Formats. That will wipe out all formatting in that row and allow you to change the formats. Some cells were formatted as a group previously.

    Hope this helps


    When you say "nothing happens" do you mean that the cell is not even outlined with the black border like when you select another cell? - or you just can't change the formatting of that cell?

    Also, which cell is it?

    An add on to Tom's comment.

    If you are using XP (not sure about earlier versions) - -
    Lock all the cells on the worksheet (under Format / Cells / Protection)
    Turn Protection on (Tools / Protection / Protect Sheet)
    Assign a protect password
    In the "Allow All Users of this worksheet to:" box - - make sure nothing is checked (especially, select locked cells and select unlocked cells)

    Then user can scroll around the sheet using the scroll bars, but can't select any cells - which locks them out of copy and paste function.


    Hi mj,

    No "magic number" that I know of, unless you are short of RAM and there is a lot of memory to disk swapping going on - but it still should not take 9 minutes.

    Can you post a copy of the excel file (with the data you are copying) and the macro that creates the word file so someone can take a look?