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    Re: Format Cells By Selection

    Thanks a lot, Derk. That works perfectly.
    The purpose is mostly "wow" factor. I'm going to hide C and use the True/False to conditional format A:B so that when a user makes a selection, the rest of the data appears to fade. I would have asked for a way to do this part in VBA as well, but I want to have the flexibility to do array formulas off the selections as well, and, since I don't know what formulas I'll do yet or where I'll put the results, having the True/False provides an easy way to evaluate whether a row is selected when I do make the formulas.
    Thanks again.

    I have a table (cells A1:B100) where A contains data labels and B contains the actual data.
    What I want to do is have column C for each row evaluate to True if either A or B in that row is selected and false if neither is selected for that row. Also, if there is no selection within A1:B100, I would like all cells in C1:C100 to evaluate to True as a default case.
    I searched around a little bit in this forum and found macros that will make a one-time change, but not one that will constantly update based on current selections (i.e., if it's possible for this to auto-update instead of having to click an icon or a shortcut key, that would add an extra wow factor to the report). Thanks.

    Re: Superscript formatting in macros

    I double checked to make sure the cells I needed formatted were general, but this still does not work for getting the superscripting from the referred to cells. The difference between each of the referred to cells is a certain number of superscripted characters at the end; is there a Macro to do something like:

    (Format A1 to Superscript last four letters; don't know the code for this),


    I have a cell (A1) that, depending on a choice made elsewhere in the workbook, will return A2, A3, A4, or A5, which are all formatted differently with superscripts. How do I get that formatting to copy over to A1 without having to manually copy and paste format from the appropriate cell? I have to do this for a range of cells (A1:A15) instead of simply one.