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    The reasoning for this is:

    1. I have an Excel workbook which is the master copy. It performs various parsing of data and formatting of the resultant text via these macros embedded in it.

    2. Upon completion of the macros in the master copy above, a new macro will be called to generate a copy of the master, then remove all vba code in the copy. This is then sent to various users who do not have to worry about macro security alerts being called everytime they open it.

    3. The master copy retains all code for future use.

    Hope that helps. Still doesn't work though. Keep getting a fail message of

    "Programmatic Access to Visual basic Project is not trusted"

    Any one know why this is happening.



    Hello all. I am looking for some vba to save a worksheet minus the macros. All formatting would have to be maintained while removing the macros. I have 2 macros (modules) and code within the sheet itself (object). If that makes any sense. I guess the ultimate solution would be to remove all vba from the project itself. Can anyone point me to a solution or provide some guidance.

    Thank you,