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    Hi i am trying to copy a worksheet from a closed workbook to another workbook and rename it. There is a test to see if that workbook exists in the workbook where the sheet needs to be copied to and if it exists it deletes it before copying it from the closed workbook.

    I am getting a subscription out of range error, when trying to rename the worksheet before copying it.

    Code is adapted from here:

    Re: Copy closed data from csv file then paste into open workbook

    Hi SO

    I adapted this code to open another file but I get the following error: 'Subscritption out of range' in the the line after the where I change the name of Otherwb worksheet.

    Re: Check if range meets criteria if its not in criteria copy to different column

    Hi pangolin

    if possible, I also want it to copy the corresponding range rows to a different worksheet

    Hi I have a Codewhich is meant to paste a formula to the last row of a sheet. The column is empty but the column next to it has the data in it going to the last row.

    My current code gives me a method range of object worksheet failed error. Is there a fix or can I use autofill in place?


    I am trying to create a macro that check whether a range has dates in it and if the values aren't dates then copy those values accross to to a different column but the same row.

    heres my code so far, I am stuck on how to copy accross


    I have a workbook, where the front page has activex command buttons, these buttons open userforms which enters data into hidden worksheets.

    When I send this file to a colleague, they save the file to a trusted location. When they open it the macros work but the activex command buttons are not functioning.

    What could this be due to?

    Re: Add signature whilst sending email from excel

    A run time error 91 is appearing in the .To line