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    i'm trying to navigate intranet webpage through VBA, however I'm unable to click JS button.

    the problem is that button does not have ID...

    <button type="button" name="ClearButton" onclick="JavaScript:asiClearCache();return false;"><img src="/dm/jimages/eraser.png" style="height:18;width:18;border:0" alt="Clear Browser Cache" title="Clear Browser Cache">Clear Cache</button>

    any idea how to clik that kind of button?

    I managed to create a basic loop with comma separator only, however this solution is fine for me:

    do you have any idea how to reverse this action? I mean, to populate back listbox from cell. As there are comma separators only, I belive that columns number must be defined?

    well, i've created code which is working with first line in listbox, however I'm struggling with proper loop through next lines. Moreover, separator between lines data should be ";".

    have a look:

    I'm creating Useform with listbox which is feeded with data comeing from user inputs (texboxes). Listbox contains 4 columns. In short, I'm looking for some solution which may store all entries from listbox to single cell (concentration). I found some solutions which are working with one column, however there are multiple columns in my case. The idea is to use some separators like comma and semicolon. ";" would separate rows and "," would separate columns in same line entries.

    On the other hand, it would be good to read this data back in listbox.