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    Re: Populate ListBox from Multiple sheets

    There is a limit of 10 columns (0-9).

    If you have more columns than 10, try to use the listbox not as a storage array, but as a 'representation' of the data. Pull in just enough data so the user will know what the record refers to. Then use the last column of the listbox (which is the row number of the original record) inside the Listbox click event to load more textboxes.

    For A = 1 To 4 'Change the last digit to fill more textboxes.
        Controls("Reg" & A) = ListBox1.Column(A - 1)

    Re: Copying a BOM list and Generating a List ommitting 2 specific columns automatical


    The issue I am arriving at currently is each part has their own BoM varying in size of material parts needed from ~3-25.

    Your example only has 10 each. Could the list go to 25?


    I am inquiring if there is a way to set up a macro or string of code that will recognize when the BoM has ended it's count whether that's line item 3 or 25 and then generate the text onto a separate sheet.

    But it seems you're already doing that through linked cells.

    You don't include any data or a completed page for us to visualize.

    Each line in the BOM is to generate a Pick list?

    Will the PKG-style and #-per-BD be reflected in the Picklist?

    Re: Populate ListBox from Multiple sheets

    I can't follow your logic of operation.

    Can you tell me how you expect this to work? From what you see when the userform is open, to what happens when you select a item in the listbox and the combobox.

    Re: Auto Word Select in VBA VLOOKUP

    You have to trap for N/A#, or rather, when text is not found.

    But I use Range.Find instead. It's more flexible.

    Re: Shortening VBA code

    You'd do better to study naming conventions vs shortening code at this stage. Writing sophisticated code that is short, but hard to read isn't always the best use of programming skills, IMHO.

    Re: Check values cells with Formula or vba?

    Not nearly as compact as Batman's, but it seems to work.

    Re: Covert Current Formula based Sheet to Macro Based

    I did not fill in every sheet. I think what you were looking for was how to parse by month.

    Here is one from the Billed sheet.

    =COUNTIFS(Base_Data_Trimmed!$G:$G,"N",Base_Data_Trimmed!$F:$F,$A4,Base_Data_Trimmed!$D:$D,"P1A",Base_Data_Trimmed!$J:$J, ">="&EOMONTH(B$3, -1)+1,Base_Data_Trimmed!$J:$J, "<="&EOMONTH(B$3, 0))

    The two latter conditions, I think, what you were looking for.

    Here is a video example by Mike Girvin.

    Re: Macro to create new sheet on the basis of given criteria

    There might be simpler math for the dates, but I had to use the stop/start vars since I'm in the USA.