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    Hi,, since this seems to be on the subject of user form, does anyone have a sample user form to show what exactly they do?? I have heard so much about them but can't picture what I can do w/ a user form??? Thanks!

    ok,, need a little more help on this one... I tried using AJW's idea,, but since the % is a locked cell, it didn't work, so I had the code unprotect the sheet first then run it, but I wasn't crazy about it, because if I just hit cancel on the error it allowed the cell change.. Also, my "I11" cell has a sum formula in it so again a prob... Thanks though AJW!!!

    Kieran, how would I just write an if statement that also brings up an msgbox?

    I am going to attach the actual sheet I created, so the whole I11, H11 cells are irrelevent... This is the new setup...
    The only place in this that allows data entry is noted and I also noted the % I don't want over 110%, ideally it would clear whatever data one entered to make it go over as well... Check out the sheet and let me know if you need more info from me! Thanks a lot for all the help!!!

    ok,, here is my issue,, I have a cell (H15) I want to prevent from being over 110%, so on the data validation I put in decimal and maximum 1.1, it works fine if I just enter into the cell.. But I have a formula in the cell that says =I11/H11, if the result of my formula comes out to greater than 110% it doesn't prevent the cell from changing. is there a way to use the data validation based on a formula's result, not only input? Hope this is clear. Thanks again for any help!

    ok,, that sounds easy, so i tried it and it seemed to be working,, but the next time i tried it, it asked for the password to unprotect. is there a way to unprotect it, insert rows, reprotect, using a macro and not have to give the user the password? Thanks!!

    Hi,, I have a worksheet, that has some rows/cells locked and others that are unlocked so users can enter data in these. I'd like to allow users to be able to insert rows only in the unlocked range. Is this possilbe? Thanks a lot!

    yes sorry about that date thing.. that is why I like functions etc.. so I don't make input errors.. i will take a look at the way you have your pivot table and let you konw how it works! Thanks for the tips!

    yes a pivot table does give me the info I want.. but not where I want it... I need to put it in this specific spot of the 2nd spreadsheet.. So I will be able to filter the pivot table to show the data I need, but I still need to pull it over to the second sheet!??!

    anyone know how to do this? I want to lookup say, B1, B2 & A2, needing all three to show up w/in one row of a range of rows/columns and returning a specified cell for the answer if all are found. Basically I need to do a vlookup but have 3 'lookup_values' If you need more detailed info I'll gladly provide! Thanks!!