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    Hello Carim,

    Oops! My bad. Its columns that I want to delete. I wonder if its possible to edit the thread title.

    One colummn ie col D has the text NIFTY in one or two worksheets, so worksheets that have the delinquent text, is where i want to del the entire column.

    The worksheets dont have a header.

    Thankyou for reaching out

    I have a workbook with about 30 worksheets. I want to delete column 4 only in worksheets that contain the text"NIFTY".

     Sub FindERROR() Dim SearchString As String 
    Dim SearchRange As Range, cl As Range 
    Dim FirstFound As String 
    Dim sh As Worksheet ' Set Search value SearchString = "NIFTY"
     Application.FindFormat.Clear loop through all sheets 
    For Each sh In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
    End Sub 

    I couldn't get the VBA code to run. Any help with the code would be appreciated :)

    Re: error in running conversion macro

    hello shknbk2, thanks a lot for your prompt assistance.

    i will try it at office n get back.

    thanks again

    hello friends,

    this macro to convert and save a file in xl format is not running successfully.
    It gives a debug message


    raw being the file name.

    Could you have a looksee as to whats troubling it
    Help would be deeply appreciated.

    Re: Import multiple text files to separate sheets

    Hi S O OzMVP(macroMan),
    i have a set of macros (as above) . they run perfectly if run individually. I want them to run sequentially- i tried it as per instructions obtained on the net. There's a glitch, i think.
    Please help :razz:

    Re: Import multiple text files to separate sheets

    hi OSoz

    tried the macro with the line Worksheets.Add placed before strExtension <> as so. the macro opened an additional wsheet but it opened all the files on the first page itself.


    Could you kindly give it a decko?
    most obliged

    Re: Import multiple text files to separate sheets

    thanks pike for a quick reply.

    could you tell me where that would be. text file code appears many times in the macro. should i add 'worksheets.add' once before the first text file code? ( ie after '.RefreshPeriod = 0' )

    thanks for your help

    Hello there,

    i have a macro for bulk opening csv files. The trouble is that it opens every file on one worksheet. I want it to open each file on a different worksheet.
    would be grateful for adding the lines of code to update the macro.


    the files are txt files and not csv as mentioned above

    hi everyone,
    i have a macro that saves the many worksheets(60) as csv files. the macro works perfectly, however it saves all the sheets everytime. Is it possible to post an argument that asks it to save only specific worksheets say 5, 9,21, 34.etc