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    Hi Guys, I recorded a macro just to refresh the charts. My file consists of 5 sheets with different charts on every sheets. below code is perfectly working but im looking forward to simplify it and avoid visible loading progress. Hope you can help me.
    thank you in advance.

    Im trying to create IF formula, from A1 to M1.
    A1 to M1 could have a value of : "N/A", "PASSED"or any value
    now what im trying to do is to have a formula that will show O1, If the user gets all passed fields, Or at lease one failed.
    Formula logic should look like:

    IF A1: M1 = PASSED or N/A then O1 = Passed
    IF A1:M1= N/A or Any value then O1 = Failed

    Passed if A1:M1 is just showing N/A or Passed, other than that is should show FAILED.

    Thanks in advance!

    Please help me how to add command with my button1 , Button1 should save the data continually going to 2nd sheet of the workbook.
    --If I clear the sheet 1 Data, and input another data, and click save again this new data will be added to the 2nd sheet and so on...

    Data save range is C8:K8 - C103:K103