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    Hi! Im wondering how to add second condition:
    '[Faktury kosztowe.xlsm]FAKTURY DT'!$S:$S=D1

    to this function:

    =SUM.IF('[Faktury kosztowe.xlsm]FAKTURY DT'!$D:$D;"*"&C1&"*";'[Faktury kosztowe.xlsm]FAKTURY DT'!$M:$M)

    I cant manage to use sumproduct here.

    What i want to achieve is to sum column M in another worksheet (name is Faktury kosztowe) but condition MID('[Faktury kosztowe.xlsm]FAKTURY DT'!$D:$D;7;4)=$H$2 has to be true. Im trying to use sumproduct function but the result is allways 0.

    I have macro wich list files in the certain folder and I want to change it to not have to select the folder all. Files wich I want to list are in the directory:

    In following directory I have file wich in every computer is named differently and I want to write function wich allow me to determine the name of this file. The extension is ".nsf" and its allways the only file in this directory. I made the code but it doesnt work.

    I have following problem. Im sharing some file wich contain macro to automaticly send e-mail from Lotus Notes and I want to make my coworkers to use it. Underlined value in the script is name of the nsf file wich is contained in the same directory in their computers (its the only file in this folder). I want to change macro to somehow identify name of the file and insert it in outlined command in the scirpt so whenever some1 opens it from other computer macro will still work. Or if its too hard to achieve i want to use the "if" command to the code and add 2 coworkers file name but im not good enough with VBA.

    directory of the file:




    I have following macro wich run 2 macros but I want to check if condition is met before this macro even start. In spreadsheet named "Arkusz1" i have pivot table named "Tabela przestawna2" wich when its empty macro shouldnt start and show msgbox "there is nothing to send". In addition this pivot table is allways filtered.



    Sub RunThemAll()
        Application.Run "vbaAutoRefreshPivot2"
        Application.Run "Notes_Email_Excel_Cells"    
    End Sub