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    Re: Converting Minutes into Hours and Minutes using a Formula

    For total minutes less than 1440 you can use excel's built in TIME function.

    =TIME(0,minutes,0) will convert your minutes into a decimal time serial number. You can either format this to show the hours and minutes, or reference the cell with =hour(cell) and =minute(cell)

    If the total minutes is more than 1440, you need to work out the number of days. You can use the MOD function like so: =MOD(minutes,1440).

    This gives you the number of days, so if you need the answer in hours you will need to multiply by 24.

    Re: Can formula change when another cell changes?

    I would use the INDIRECT funtion

    This allows you to create a cell ref with a formula and use it as a range.

    from your example:

    CellA2 : "Team1"
    ThisCell : =INDIRECT(CellA2&"!Q153")