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    I am stumped with this one and need some help. I have tried and tried but can't find a solution.

    I have a Userform with two option buttons (both are grouped together). When I click on one of them what I want is a piece of code that will do this...

    ----> On Sheet 3, Lookup the value of cell T57 in range D3:D52 and place a "1" in the corresponding row in column J3:J52. If I click on the other option button, I want to perform the same task but instead of a "1", I want to place a "2" in the result.

    Perhaps it's not possible to do what I want using an Option Button... but I believe it is possible.

    Any and all help is welcome.

    Thank you

    Hi to everyone,

    I have a problem with a Userform and how it interacts with my spreadsheet. On my spreadsheet is a cell (B6) with a formula in it. This cell is linked to a TextBox on a Userform but the functionality of the TextBox is changing the formula in the cell to a specific value thus preventing it from recalculating again.

    I have attached a very simple spreadsheet outlining my problem. As you can see, the formula is present before the first record is added to the spreadsheet. Once the Update Button is clicked the cell formula changes to a value and is no longer accurate.

    If I can find a solution, I aim to have a final spreadsheet listing over 500 names and a Userform that will update and retrieve each person's newly calculated `handicap figure' after each round.

    I am at a complete loss as to how I can solve this problem. It's really important to me that I find a solution.

    Thank you for reading this far.

    PS - I have searched for a way to resolve my problem and found one user who did resolve the issue I am having BUT he didn't detail it so I must ask for help.

    Thanks for the quick response, you both gave me alternative ways to approach the problem which was great. I played around with a spreadsheet and finally got things to work as I planned but I have to thankyou for responding, without your advice I would still be button bashing!

    Cheers everyone, SeveJnr :biggrin:


    I am going to produce an excel document which will allow the user to select a golfer from a list and view his details. I intend to use the "lookup" function to display the information but I do not know how to make his photograph appear in an adjacent cell. Having tried I don't believe it is possible for a cell value to "equal" a picture but hopefully someone can tell me how to solve my problem?

    I hope someone can help as this is extremely frustrating.

    Cheers, SeveJnr :wink2: