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    I have tried and researched how to accomplish this and can not get it to work. Can someone guide me in how to too this.



    I want cells B20, F20, J20, N20, R20& V20 to automaticly update with theselection that was chosen from a drop down list in C3:C8.
    If Ichoose C License from the drop downlist of information in cells in C3:C8
    It should automatically update the cells inB20, F20, J20, N20, R20 & V20 withthe input of C License on each of those cells.

    All the above cells now will show CLicense with the background fill color to match that C license which is orange fill color.

    I want cells B21, F21, J21,N21, R21 & V21 to automaticallyupdate with the selection that was chosen from a drop down list in G3:G8.
    If I choose 3Years form a dropdown list of information in cells in G3:G8
    It shouldautomatically change the cells in B22, F21, J21, N21, R21 & V21 with the input of to 3 Years on each of those cells.
    Allthese cells now will show 3 Yearswith the background fill color to match that 3 Years which is gray fill color.

    Cells B23:X26 are manual entries. When entering the manualentries in B23:X26 the cells background fill color should match the fill colorsof B21, F21, J21, N21, R21 & V21 ofwhat was chosen from the dropdown list of G5:G8 .
    See 2nd example
    If I choose 3Years cells B23:X26 will have the background fill color of gray to match the background fill colorof 3 Years.

    I am trying to create a workbook that will be shared by more than one user.

    In this workbook each user will be able to update and edit certian cells within this workbook (Cells B12:I24).

    This workbook will have many different tabs and for each tab I only want each user to be able to update or change information on cells B12:I24. These cells will be drop down lists that the users can choose information to complete the form.

    I would like for each user to have their own user login and user password.

    If possible I would like to be able to keep a record of each user login date, time and changes.

    I would like to protect the workbook so that reamining cells the users will not be able to change the information. Also no one else can access the workbook if they do not have the right credintals.

    I have researched the web for this item and have tried many different suggestions but keep having problems.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have attached the workbook as an example.