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    Re: Inserting Hyperlink

    Sorry I haven't got back to you sooner, but I came up with some code very similar to the one you posted. All works well and thanks for the assistance. :) :cool:

    Re: Inserting Hyperlink

    It definetely has something to do with the .HTMLBody I am using. I just tried using .Body without the Signature1 and it worked. I went back and added Signature1 and it produced alot of junk, junk I wouldn't get if I was using .HTMLBody

    Suggestions are always appreciated.

    Re: Inserting Hyperlink

    No such luck.

    Here's what I currently have.

    The reason I have the .HTMLBody is because I'm pulling in Signature1.

    I've also tried the following:

    This result produces "<file:\\SERVER\Imaging\Softproof\>" in the body of my email without a hyperlink.

    Not quite sure what's up with this..... :confused:

    Re: Inserting Hyperlink

    The hyperlink is to a networked folder. Thus when I send out the email, the recipient will click on the link thus opening up a new window so they can browse the files located within that folder.

    Yes the textboxs work along with all other controls.

    Re: Inserting Hyperlink

    Alright,I thank you for getting back to me. I did some testing with no such luck.

    Below is what I came up with trying to understand how the hyperlink code works.

    Any suggestions?

    Does anyone know what the code is to insert a hyperlink? Oviously you can go to to Insert > Hyperlink. I currently have a macro to create an automatic email based on certain criteria.

    Is there anyway to do this based on a line or two of code?

    Re: Search For String And Print

    Got a slight problem. Seems as though when one my the users ran this, they got unexpected results. In this case, the W5WW or W6WW will be on the 2nd page of the record, in most case it'll be on the 1st page.

    I've done some testing and can't seem to find a way around this.

    Help would be appreciated. Attached is the current code and word doc showing the bug.

    Re: Search For String And Print

    Well this morning I didn't reboot my PC and its working. It wasn't working as of yesterday at 4:30 and it seems like some resets over night or during the reboot to cause things to work again.

    Awww what a nightmare of a macro.

    Re: Search For String And Print

    I cleaned up the code a bit and restarted the computer and tried opening word docs and all was fine. No error messages as described in my prior post. So I thought, ok lets test the macro and again all was fine. But I tried opening an entirely different word doc after the macro was run and both those error messages came up.

    Any idea what the problem could be with the macro? Code has been attached.

    Re: Search For String And Print

    See that was my first intial thought. Well I cleaned up the to include only the code needed for the W5WW & W6WW. I'll test tomorrow again and see if the "rouge code" is gone.

    Re: Search For String And Print

    Slight problem. Take a look at the code. If a user selects only 1 file, the only thing it does it opens the document up but skips the printing of the W5WW and W6WW. Is there something I have missed?

    Re: Search For String And Print

    Solution found. I just threw together a quick batch file which opens word, then each user clicks on on the marco on their toolbar (once its installed on each machine) and it runs the macro and tada, all selected documents printed off.

    1.) How would I installed this marco on other machines?

    2.) Is there a command to close word automaticly after the macro is finished?

    Re: Search For String And Print

    I agree on the opening of word anyways. They'll look at it as give us an icon/exe to click on which will open word for us automaticly and process each file and close word.

    Well I think I'll leave it the way it is now and they can convert to vbscript if they want.

    Re: Search For String And Print

    I know this is probably getting out of my knowledge here but is there any way to execute a macro outside of word? I mean its easy enough to open word, and click on the macro and it runs itself. I'm sure people where I work will bitch cause they have to open word each time to execute.

    A buddy mine said vbscript, which I am not familiar with. Any other easy ways?