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    Re: Filter Data and Copy


    Thank you for your help I will try this out and let you know how it works


    It actually works Great ! Thanks again. I am going to try an take it from here

    Sincerely Jim

    Re: Filter Data and Copy

    at the risk of boring you guys wit too much info

    each sheet represents a housing development

    The purpose is to track the progression of each house in order to schedule
    when to begin production of the stairs then when to deliver and then when to install

    the key stages of completion are stage 7 8 9
    at 7 production
    at 8 Deliver
    at 9 Install

    so the report would look in the stages column of each work sheet
    and return all rows containing a 7 8 or 9 in the stages column
    placing that info in a printable sheet with the column headings and the project name (which is also the name of the work sheet)
    this would give a daily picture of what is ready or upcoming for scheduing

    does that make any sense

    Thanks for your indulgence

    Re: Steve Irwin 1962 - 2006 RIP

    I agree this was truly sad. Growing up around the same time as Steve many of us dreaned about being the next tarzan. Steve came as close to realizing that dream as anyone could. He was truly a class act and will be missed.


    Re: Filter Data and Copy

    Ok it's making sense now

    With many worksheets is there a way to automate the process sort of like a report that will do the filter copy and paste on the entire workbook and pastethe results to another sheet with the headers etc ?

    Re: if value then goto the next cell and check it out

    Thanks Jim

    I looked through those examples and it appears that they ar looking to copy all the data.

    What i am trying to do here is basically create a report that will sort out all the rows that arent at a particular stage of completion each stage has a number from 1-16 depending how far along the house is

    Is this something that excel is capable of ?

    I appologize for my lack of understanding here.

    =+IF('Bella Vida_DRH'!$E72=9,'Bella Vida_DRH'!A72,"")

    I am trying to create a sheet that will search for all the rows that contain a 9 in a particular cell

    then it will copy that row into a new sheet

    if not =9 then it should go and check the next row etc. etc.

    this formula works for one cell but doesn't goto the next cell if the value is false

    I would really appreciate if some one could point me in the right direction

    Thanks alot

    Re: Choose Date From Popup Calendar

    Thanks Guys this is very helpful

    I followed the instructions all the way to the last step where it uses the showit command and i cant get it to work in excel 11 i can go to macros and run it but the hot key option wont bring it up.

    A question maybe off topic

    Do you ever freelance for smALL jobs like this ?