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    Ozgrid was once the busiest excel forum on the net, unfortunately there were a number of factors that led to its decline in numbers

    Maybe things like this led to it.


    Oh stop being such a drama queen Ali, its getting tiresome.

    Yes, people come primarily for the content, but a badly designed interface does put some off (I have seen this happen on other forums, so I know it can influence the membership to some extent). I hope that the current interface here, which is badly deigned (my opinion - your mileage may vary), will be tweaked based on the feedback offered so far.

    I agree.
    I'm hopeful also, but there seems to be too much of the sorry this version doesn't do that or it requires coding that may not stick with upgrades or updates or whatever.

    My pleasure, thanks for the feedback. :cheers:

    I just noticed there's an error in the ElseIf line, if you read this just change it to look like the other line.
    In other words change the C10 part to match the other line that looks at what is in C10, D10 etc.

    Cells(10, c).Value

    I think this is what you are asking for. :cheers:

    You can try this, it's untested as I don't have a sheet to test it with and I'm too lazy to create one. :cheers:

    Maybe something like this.

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