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    Let's just say that, hypothetically, you have a boss that -while wonderful - just can't leave the protection on worksheets! For one reason or another on a semi-weekly basis she feels compelled to "delete" something that needed "cleared" and then the formulas are messed up so she insists on turning off the protection...and is all down hill from there!
    Hypothetical Boss also doesn't like being "treated like a child" by your asking her "what are you trying to do?" when she asks for the password.(Allow me to interject here to all of my co workers that I have using this forum, that the hypothetical boss is not anyone that they may know. Really.)
    So I was there a way to, if someone right clicks and selects "DELETE" have a warning pop up and say "NO Delete, CLEAR CONTENTS ONLY!" and then not allow the delete? or maybe they would have to only delete from the toolbar?
    because I am about 20 minutes away from disableing the right mouse button and saying it is broken! *hypothetically* :furious: :)

    Hello again!
    I do a LOT of searches on here, and a lot of reading. I could have sworn that last week I found a thread on using VBA to open several workbooks, print predesignated pages, and close the workbooks.
    I have searched using a lot of combinations...I may be mistaken and read that somewhere else (Highly unlikely as I am like...always here).
    Anyone remember a thread like that? I have written a code, but thus far it is purely decorative and I would like to re read the ideas.

    Thanks for all the ideas! You guys are the best!
    What my goal was originally was to be able to put the word (for example) "depreciation" in a cell on sheet 1 and have it look through sheet 2 and return the general ledger accounts that have the word depreciation in them. (i.e. "depreciation exp. computers", "depreciation exp.leased equipment"). The entries on sheet 2 have account numbers in the same cell as the description. This would mimic the "find" feature, but wouldn't take me away from the page I am working on.
    I was trying to avoid making multiple lists and drop down menus as there are hundreds of accounts.
    Sorry I was not clear earlier in my posts.
    (I already have plans to use both ideas you guys have given me in other workbooks lol thanks!)

    XP and Excel 03. :)

    I ran a search on this but came up with a lot of things that...well actually learned a couple of things...just not what I wanted to know lol.
    Anyway, is it possible to create a box in Sheet1 of an Excel workbook that when you type in a word or phrase will search Sheet2 -- working just like the "find" option on the toolbar?

    Thanks Brandtrock, that last post was what I was missing! Thanks to both of you for your help, sorry I wasn't able to respond sooner; it's been a really hectic week.
    Thanks again! :thanx:

    Hi Brandtrock,
    That is what I did and now even when I refresh it, there is no data displayed. I thought perhaps I had mis-read the help file and that is why I asked where to include the "Distinct" clause.

    I obviously have done something to corrupt this report, when I changed the Query to what Lasw10 posted an error flashed about both the SQL and the something would be used but I dropped something on my flipping keyboard and it disappeared before I could read the error message.

    So, basically I am deleting this one and starting over.
    Thanks for the help guys, I am sure I will be back with this one.

    PR5_CheckHistory."Department", PR5_CheckHistory."CheckDate",
    PR5_CheckHistory."CheckNumber", PR5_CheckHistory."GrossWagesThisCheck",
    PR1_EmployeeMaster."LastName", PR1_EmployeeMaster."FirstName",
    "PR5_CheckHistory" PR5_CheckHistory,
    "PR1_EmployeeMaster" PR1_EmployeeMaster,
    "PR7_PayrollDataEntryLine" PR7_PayrollDataEntryLine
    PR5_CheckHistory."Department" = PR1_EmployeeMaster."Department" AND
    PR5_CheckHistory."EmployeeNumber" =
    PR1_EmployeeMaster."EmployeeNumber" AND
    PR5_CheckHistory."Department" =
    PR7_PayrollDataEntryLine."Department" AND
    PR5_CheckHistory."EmployeeNumber" =
    PR5_CheckHistory."Department" ASC

    This looks pretty sad :( I didn't write this, well in a sense I did, I was using the Report Expert. I am sorry I am at home now so I don't know the version of Crystal we are using. (I will post back in a few minutes, if I can hack into the server at work....uhm, I mean if I can acquire that information)
    As for the delay, no worries, I have been working on other projects too...and now the batteries are going in my keyboard and I have tto type each letter twicee...argh. off to the store, sorrry

    Crystal Report in Mas90

    Thanks for offering to help! I am VERY new at Crystal so please forgive this for being a very obvious question.
    I have created a report that pulls payroll information. The data comes from the Earnings Register, the Check History, the Employee Master, the Check Printing Detail and Payroll Data Entry Line.
    Everything works great, it shows the JOB, I added summary information by department....
    HOWEVER, sigh, it is listing each check 4 times. I am ASSUMING that I have told it to at some point, maybe to list them instead of referencing them to compare??
    In any case, do you have any ideas?

    just so you know, I did remember how to change the pivot table from "count" to "sum" but it doesn't matter, regardless of how much data is on the sheet the table is blank, and the formulas total "0".
    (seems like I never get time to work on these until midnight or later..and my brain shuts down at 5!)

    ok. I have a spreadsheet using columns A through H, last used row is 1020.
    2 columns of drop down cells (in columns D and E).
    Column E has both numeric and text in each cell (chosen from a drop down list that is dependant on the drop down list in column D)
    Column F has dollar amounts.
    Whenever I try to, on worksheet 2, Total the amounts in Column F based on each choice in the drop down list in E, I get the total of "0".
    I have the first worksheet set up as a list, and I can get totals by sorting, but I need to display these total on another sheet so that the balances can be compared to budget and goal amounts. I even tried pulling the values in col. D to another cell without drop down lists, and using that for the range to compare to. But still the total says "0".
    I tried to create a pivot table, but it will only COUNT the AMOUNTS column. (isn't that interesting, even when I include the last row of the list in my range which is a TOTALS row, TOTAL is never an option for the pivot table.)
    I am missing something, but I don't know what!!
    Anyone got time to help ?

    source error?

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for all your help on this but when I use your first solution I cannot get it to check past the first 9 rows (which is the first named list), so the first drop down menu has no affect on the second, it shows only the menu associated with the first named list. (cannot figure out what I did wrong on that one)
    On the easier way...sigh, sorry...when I put your change into the second drop down box as I close the data validation dialogue it says "The Source currently evaluates to an error, do you want to continue?"
    There is no, "I want to toss a brick through my monitor choice" and it doesn't offer any hint at how to correct this. I know I missed something any ideas?

    PS Tried the VBA keep getting compile errors going for Aspirin and beer be back later :?

    Thank you both SO much, you guys rock!
    I am going to try both solutions, on different workbooks, so I can get a better understanding of both. (No problem there I have about 5 more workbooks to create this week).

    I was going to look in my copy of Excel Hacks for help, but my IT Specialist at work saw the word "hacks" and disappeared with it and now the book has been "borrowed" so many times I am not sure if it is even still in Ohio! (I'm thinking about getting a few copies for office people for Christmas :gift: )

    Thanks again!