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    That's just what I need...however when I try it, I get -37624 displayed in the cell that should be blank, and -37629 in the next row that should be 220.
    It is always the obvious stuff that evades me, I seem to try to make things harder.
    Any ideas what i am doing wrong?
    I am using Excel 2000 on Win XP and on Win 98 (2 stations, sorry)
    (and Thank You for your reply, I am gonna keep trying with it, I have this feeling I have done something stupid somewhere ;) )

    One of the spreadsheets I maintain tracks the number of days each department has a project. In cell A1 I have "TODAY" so the date is always current. Further down that column I used "NETWORKDAYS" to calculate the number of days between the date each department receives a project and the current day. It works fine. I can tell at a glance how long a project has been in that department.
    What I would like to do is have the formula go one step further and examine a cell in column L to see if the project has been completed and if that cell is marked "yes" then display nothing. This would let me know at a glance which projects are completed and which are aging.
    The sheet in a very simplified way, is somewhat like this:
    A1 = TODAY (i.e. 11/11/03)
    A2= 3
    B2= Department Name
    C2=Date Received (i.e. 11/08/03)
    C2-K2 project routing information
    L2=Yes (if completed, blank if not)

    I have been just clearing the cells in A2 as each project completes, but either I have a desire to be more efficient or I am just lazy because I would like Excel to do it for me!

    The goal is just to be able to glance at this 500 row and growing spreadsheet and see which ones are done, and if not how they are aging.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks for all your help, you guys rule.


    I would like to create a formula to calculate the number of days between the current date and a specific date in excel.
    Is it possible to do this so that the current date automatically updates, so I see the new number of days when I open Excel?
    The goal is simple, I am tracking projects for work, and I need to know if any go past their target dates. I have attempted a formula in VBA to automatically update the current date, and turn any projects that are 14 days overdue red --and while it just looks lovely:biggrin:, it basically does nothing:(
    The spreadsheet I am using tracks many projects, it is done in Excel 2000 and I use WinXP & Win98 (two work stations)
    Thanks for any help you can give.

    Andy Pope, you RULE!
    That is exactly what I did!
    thank you soooo much, I was afraid it was something simple (and obvious to everyone else) but I just couldn't see it.
    Thanks again!

    If anyone else is still following this thread, after we examined the merged certificates with the excel data, we find that word is NOT stopping after 12 certificates, but it is actually skipping rows of data.
    In excel the first three rows of data are merged, then one row is skipped over; the next three are merged, and again one is skipped over.
    Each row is set up the same as the others, no blank spaces or anything, and yet they are being overlooked.
    Any ideas? We are close to booting our computer---right off the balcony:(

    For the Basic part of your question;
    open a new Word document
    on the toolbar choose "Tools"
    then "Mail Merge"
    This opens a "wizard" that can walk you through setting up your mail merge. You can choose labels or form letters; choose or create your database all from this box.
    If you have an existing database you need to make sure it is set up properly. Excel is a great place to set one up- use the first Row for HEADERS and start your information in the next row.
    The WIZARD will ask you what fields you want on your labels. You can type in any names you want and add them. They should match the HEADERS from your database.

    Then the WIZARD will ask you what size labels you want to use and let you choose the field names to put in your document.

    The WIZARD is pretty cool.

    For the rest of your question, I am afraid you'll have to wait for someone with more experience.
    Hope the WIZARD helps you get started

    Check on the File / Print dialog box and make sure the "Page Range" "ALL" radio button is checked; The "Print What" box says "Document"; and the "Print" box says "All pages in range".

    I just double checked those,and yes they are correct.
    and yes, hehe, I am talking to myself here also! But at least I quit pounding my head on the desk. sigh. I have 9 other projects that should have been difficult that I have almost completed today--piece of cake. THIS which should have been easy is now 2 days overdue.

    The File/Properties area I mentioned before seems to just be information on whatever document you are looking at. Now it seems to feel I have a 1 page document with 47 paragraphs. sigh.

    I "think" the problem begins not in my mail merge but in Word.
    Under "File", "Properties" the number of pages to print is 4. Can I change that? Or is that not my problem?
    Any ideas PLEASE

    well, I thought it was solved.
    The merge works, and it previews fine, but when I print, no matter whether 15 or 30 rows on my Excel Spreadsheet meet the criteria in the filter or if the filter is will only print 12 certificates.
    When I press the "merge preview " button it appears as correct, shows all the certificates. If I print preview or print, there is always only 12.
    Can someone help please, I am out of Tylenol:(

    The tylenol kicked in, the headache left and suddenly .... I realized I had forgotten to insert the Word field "Next Record" !! (sigh)
    Thanks anyway, this works great.
    If there is a better way lol I am ALWAYS open for help, hints and "Hello you're doing that the hard way" :wink1:

    Word and I fail to agree. I have made a monster spreadsheet in Excel.
    I finally figured a way to generate a small Excel spreadsheet to use as a database for a Word mail merge. (Technically not a MAIL merge as I am making certificates).
    I have 3 certificates on a page.
    I had the idea that each one would be to a different person. Word however feels I need 3 for the same person before it moves to the next name.
    How can we get along? Is there an easy way to..well get my way?
    I am using Office 2000 and Tylenol.:(

    Hello. I have made several spreadsheets in Excel for coworkers. They have no experience in Excel (they have been using word 5.1 for DOS and Lotus) and they keep typing in the cells containing formulas (then complaining because the formulas don't work). Protecting the notebook doesn't stop this. What will?

    :biggrin: Thank you both! The pivot table looks like just what I need, but I am very inexperienced with them.:( I (hopefully) have attached a sample of the inventory (which is in reality over 500 rows in length). Any help you could offer I would appreciate.

    I have a kitchen inventory made in Excel. Among other data, it includes: AREA (appetizers, desserts, specialty entree, etc) and TOTAL cost. The data has to be arranged in the physical location order for counting ease (freezer, walk-in, dry storage, etc). Without sorting so I can sum areas, is there anyway to make Excel sum the TOTALS of all DESSERTS? then all APPETIZERS? I thought it would be a simple IF or SumIf but I cannot make it work! Help, PLEASE!!:(