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    Re: Counting

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    Hi, Im wondering if anyone can help?


    Can you please attach your spreadsheet ? Or Quote an example?

    Re: Download web page information via vba

    Try this code!

    Re: Macro from Selecting dates for no. of days

    Please check and let me know if this serves your purpose !

    Re: Code to send emails to a list of recipients (both to and cc) from excel

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    Hi guys,

    I need an urgent help on VBA Macro. I am trying to create a code to send emails to a list of recipients in excell and a customized subject and body message based on the data in excel. Could anyone help?

    Hope the below helps !

    Re: Use set of keyword to search then fill description

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    Could you please show me some guide to do this,

    Thank you,

    use the below code and let me know if you face any issues !