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    Re: IF text in a cell meets a condition then copy and paste the entire cell in a new

    Try the below Formula in B2 and Drag down.


    And the below in C2 and Drag down !


    Re: Excel uniqe values needed

    Select the Data, Goto DATA Tab in Excel then "Remove Duplicates", in the dialogue box that appears untick all columns except SET Column. That should work for you.

    Re: Variable decimal places using VBA

    Sorry please see below !

    Sub M()
    For i = 1 To 100 ' Change as per requirement
    If InStr(Range("A" & i), ".") = 0 Then ' CHeck in Column A for Decimal Value
    intdec = 0
    intdec = Len(Range("A" & i)) - InStr(Range("A" & i), ".")
    End If
    Range("G" & i) = Round(Range("C" & i), intdec) ' Updates Column G with the Value in Column C..Change as per requirement
    End Sub

    Re: Variable decimal places using VBA

    Please try the below, let me know if it helps !

    Sub M()For i = 1 To 100 ' Change as per requirement
    Range("B" & i) = Format(Range("A" & i), "." & String(Len(Range("A" & i)) - InStr(Range("A" & i), "."), "0")) ' Column B is Output and Column A is input change as pere requirement
    End Sub

    Re: Macro to find a value in excel and paste the nth value from there on

    Try this !

    This just displays the Msgbox, can be edited to update a particular column.

    Re: MAX IF in VBA

    Try this !

    Sub find_last_segment()
    For Each x In Selection
    x.Offset(0, 1).FormulaArray = ("=MAX(IF('Phone Raw Data'!$G:$G="& x & ",'Phone Raw Data'!$K:$K))")
    Next x
    End Sub

    Re: Copy specific cells to the next blank row in another workbook

    Let me know if the below helps !

    Re: move excel sheet from one document and ovewrite on another document

    Try this ! Run this from your Master Workbook and Rename the Master and Source workbook names.

    Re: vba to send email

    Try this ! :)