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    Hi Guys

    I have attached a some data I need help on. On the left I have manually written some MET's and FAILED.
    These MET's and FAILED are based on a 1hr SLA that I want to automate for a Help Desk

    The SLA is: From the Create Time "Column 3" a Help Desk Analyst has 1 hours to log the ticket, this is specified in Column E "Time Logged".

    What I want to do is automate the MET or FAILED in column A and highlight the fails rather than go through thousands of tickets manually. So a failed would be if the time logged is 1+ hour after the time created.

    The only problem is the format. The cells have the date before the time. I have tried to seperate them using Data\Text to COlumns but with no luck.

    I would prefer a formula rather than Macro but am desperate.

    Any takers.............Cheers

    Re: Match A Call To Column And Give Result

    I actually used a lookup to resolve the issue, well sort of.
    =LOOKUP(B1,$E$1:$E$12,$F$1:$F$12) is the forumla, the only issue is where numbers have not been entered in column B it has #N/A, how do I change it so it is just blank and will populate when I put a number in ?


    Hi people,

    AM looking for a formula answer only if possible, pretty sure it would be just my expertise on Excel isn't the best, am learning though !!!

    Attached is a spreadsheet that contains a list of Football teams (F) with corrasponding numbers next to them (E).

    In column A is a list of footballers and column B has a corrasponding number.

    WHat I want to be able to do is type in the footballers names in A and type a number next to them in B, in column C it would read off the corrasponding Team number and populate it with the team name. In the attached example I'll manually list the fist teams in B, i need a formula todo this for me. Probably quite simple.


    Hi Guys,

    I have attached an example of some data I have.
    Basically I have a list of email addresses in column A and I have a list of names in column B. The list of emails on the actual version is about 2000 and the names about 800. What I need to do is match the email addresses with the names. If possible to put them next to the name. As stated there are a lot more emails than names. Its either this way or going through 800 names searching for an email address for each.........not thanks, not sure if this is possible, did a search but didn't find anything relevant.

    There is also a catch, if possible I would like not to sort the names in any way, just leave it as is. Any suggestions ??