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    Unfortunately, reinstalling office and registering MSCOMCT2.OCX did not help. As it's only 2 controls causing the issue - or so it seems - I'm now into replacing them with other date picker controls if there are any. If not, I might even use plain textboxes, though it wouldn't be very good solution.. Are there any other controls that could handle calendar?

    No worries, no one in my organization use 64-bit office.. I'm not sure why but the file you posted ALMOST works. Almost, as it has all controls on the broken form except txtFrom and txtTo which both are of type DTPicker2.. All sources on the net seem to say this control is part of MSCOMCT2.OCX library. I checked and the library is present on user's machine, the same as on mine. I checked on that machine is version SP4 of the file whereas all other machines have SP6.. I can see that excel reference points to some other destination than C:\Windows\SYSWOW64 - it points to som other app's install path. Probably the other app changed something in the registry or something. When trying to uncheck the SP4 reference and load SP6 reference I'm getting error "Can't change references, in use".. We decided to reinstall the office and see what happens.. Will keep you posted. Thanks for now, you definitely has helped!


    Hi, I have a file used by couple of people in my company. It contains a lot of vba code and few user forms. It's been working perfectly for years now on all machine. Recently 1 machine has been migrated to Windows 10, the excel major version hasn't changed though (16). For reason unknown, 1 of the forms lost almost all the controls on it and the user is getting "Compile error: Method or data member not found" at the line Me.cmbWeek.ListCount (as this control is not existent for the machine, although all other machines 'see' it perfectly well (also migrated to Windows 10 but flawless). You can find both form and its code behind here: Now, how can I debug what's wrong? It's nothing with the file as it has worked for years on several machines including machine of this user (until he went on Win10). Checked references and there's nothing missing either.. Please find below the forms both on user's machine (broken) and on all other users' machines (proper).