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    Re: Application Events

    Quote from rory;775506

    There is an issue with a recent security update for Office. You need to locate the add-in file in Explorer, right-click it, choose Properties, then check the box to 'Unblock this file' and press Apply.

    Rory- did that fix the issue for you? Can you open the add-in without an issue and are you using 2013 or newer excel version?

    I don't have the option to unblock the add-in in properties. It looks like mine was unblocked.

    Re: Application Events

    Quote from cytop;775494

    Can load this in Excel 2010 no errors, no problems - but strangely enough it simply will not automatically load in 2013/2016. There's no error, but define the add-in, it displays the menu. Close Excel and restart, no add-in.

    Something to look at, but which version are you using?

    Also, It's a little pointless asking someone to have a look at code in a file and then uploading a file with the project password protected... others may have had a problem with that.

    Sorry forgot to include the password. It's encompass.

    Im using excel 2013.

    Re: Application Events

    Cytop- thank you so much for the response.

    Please see the add-in attached. The file was initially too big but i had to take out some of the code to make it smaller.

    To answer you question:
    Is the addin even loading? If it is, does it error? - yes it does load. If i try to open excel application for the first time it gets stuck trying to open the add-in but if i open another non excel file it will open and once open the add-in works without a problem. The issue is just when you try to open the excel when the add-in is installed. If the add-in is uninstalled excel opens without a problem.

    ou must use the Options/Addins menu to set an addin to load automatically when Excel starts. Have you? - i havent done this, i cant figure out how to do it.

    Thank you again.

    Re: Application Events

    Quote from cytop;775349

    That does not make sense... How can an Add-in be active when Excel is closed?

    Sorry maybe I should be a little more clear. I created an add-in and for some reason when i shut down and try open the excel application the application doesn't open. It just gets stuck. I was thinking about this issue and thought maybe if I disabled the add-in when the application shuts down and reenable after the application opens again that might be the solution I need.

    From what I was reading it sounds like an application event might be what I need to get around the issue. I'm very open to any suggestion that you might have.

    This is also posted here:…not-open.html#post4599448


    Hi all,

    Can someone please help me understand what application events do.

    I'm trying to create a code that will disable an add-in when the whole excel application is closed completely and then enable that same add-in when the application is opened or restarted.

    Any help will be very much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.


    I'm having an issue with the following code can you please take a look. The code is supposed to loop through sheets that are not "Total" or "Balance" and copy and paste values a column over. Sheet 100001 is used to find what the last row is (its the same for all the sheets that are going to be looped through).

    I just cant seem to figure out how loops work.

    Thank you in advance.

    Re: VBA Copy and Paste Errors

    The values in cell from C2 should be overwriting B2 in the balances sheets and I would expect B2 to have something when the code runs but it doesnt. The values being copied should go to B2 in balances tab one at a time. My problem is that the B2 is blank.
    Thanks for looking

    I have the following code which is supposed to loop through sheets and copy and paste but for some reason I cant paste values in the Balances tab. I see the values being pasted as the code is running and it looks like they are being deleted right away. I dont get any errors

    Thanks in advance.