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    Re: Require Cells Between Two Values to be Filled with "1"

    So I have managed to upload the file - which I hope will help solve the challenge I am facing!

    I hope that the actual data makes finding a solution easier, all I really want is for the 1's that are on the same row to be linked by a colour (refer attachment example). Was under the impression that I needed conditional formatting - but this doesn't exactly work!

    Thanks in advance all!


    Re: Require Cells Between Two Values to be Filled with "1"

    Thanks very much for the prompt assistance, I can't upload the file so will have to explain in more detail

    I have in C1; The time of day in 15 minute blocks (0015/0030/0045 etc)
    I have in column A/B; shift start times and finish times plotted against the time data in row 1 using an IF formula to return a "1" where the shift time matches the top row

    What I would like to achieve is for every instance where there is a "1" followed by blanks and the closing "1" - I would like to fill the values between the two values with more "1's"

    Example Row 1: 0500/0515/0530/0545/0600
    Example Column A:B: 0500 start and 0600 finish
    Example Matched Result: 1,blank,blank,blank, 1
    Required Outcome: 1,1,1,1,1

    Outside of where there is a genuine blank cell - I would like this to remain blank, only fill cells between two "1" values. Its a challenging one!

    Thanks in advance

    Hi I would like some assistance regarding the following

    Where A1 will equal "1" and A15 will equal "1" - I require every cell in between the two to be filled with a "1".

    My aim is to apply this to a small base of data and to conditional format the "1" so that at a glance I can sum the total amounts of rows and associated 'blocks'