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    Re: Disable coping and saving a sheet to a new file

    'The solution to the problem involved several macros which control various access elements.
    'To provide security, it's necessary to
    '-- Insure that all program macros are enabled
    ' When an Excel program is opened, a flag generally appears requesting whether to enable macros.
    ' To make sure that the macros are enabled, only one tab can be visible. A button/picture icon or
    ' similar device must be present which when clicked will open all of the other tabs. Obviously,
    ' if the user did not enable macros, the program is rendered useless.
    ' The icon should have the following properties: Locked: check Print: unchecked Name: Warning
    '-- Disable printing.
    '-- Disable Copy & Move tabs to another sheet.
    '-- On closing or saving the program, all but primary tab must be hidden using the 'veryhidden' option.
    '-- The code is placed in the Thisworkbook module.

    Re: Disable coping and saving a sheet to a new file

    Can't use that solution since the workbook is designed to receive data but not to distribute that data via a printed workbook.
    I was able to put together a series of macros that, with 95% assurance, would maintain the security of the data.

    Thaks for your input


    I have a relatively secure Excel document. I have disable printing the contents; however, I do not know how to disable copying the sheet to another workbook to stop printing the sheet.
    The question: how to disable copying a sheet by clicking on the tab / selecting move or copy / to a new sheet (or other workbook)

    Thanks in advance

    j smith