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    I see but the last table I sent is the final version. There will be no subtotal, no calculations. All cells will be in text format.


    Thank you so much.

    But I made a classic mistake by not submitting exactly the same format of the table. Because as you can see in the attachement, the main table consists of 4 large sub-tables in the original table. They are separated by orange coloured rows. What I wanted was that the addition should be done at the end of these subsections, not at the end of the table. For example, when i click the button, sub section 1.5 would be added at the end of section 1. When i click the button once again sub section 1.6. And I want this to be repeated in other sections (Section 2, 3, and 4) It was my big mistake, I apologize. But if this happens, it will be very useful for me.