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    Re: Zero Based Commission Formula

    Thanks Cringe2.

    What I am looking for is a zero based calculation tool to demonstrate output.

    I want to able to put any amount into the net services cell and have the correct answer come out in the top cell directly under Breakout.

    for example in set #1: If an employee earned 1600.00 and the scale was setup as such 0-1500 then they would get 40% of any amount less then 1500.

    0-2000 then they would get 45% of any amount less then 2000, etc.

    Thanks from a grateful yank!

    Re: step based commission formula

    Hi HTH,

    Thanks for the post. However that's not exactly what I am looking for. When I inserted the formula you supplied the answer did not come out right.
    Here is what I have so far. I know that I am missing something simple. Could you take a look to see if you can figure out where I am going wrong?


    Re: step based commission formula

    Hey Ross,

    Thanks a bunch. However I think there is supposed to be a another piece to the code. I am not sure I explained myself well. For example;

    If a service provider makes $1500 for the week and they are on a stepped scale then it would break out accordingly.

    on the first $500 They would be paid 40%
    on the $500 up to $750 they would paid 45% (on that $250)
    on the $750 up to $1000 they would be paid 47% (on that $250)
    on the remaining amount above $1000 up to $9999.99 they would be paid at 50%.

    I am including a line of code for a three tier commission structure so you can see what I am talking about. The only difference between the two types of tiers is the extra tier (47%)


    I am having trouble with the code for this stepped scale commission structure.

    Net Service

    Step Scale Comm. %
    $0-500 40%
    $500-750 45%
    $750-1000 47%
    $1000-9999.99 50%

    Final Commission Paid $ ?