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    Hello I have two files: an input file and output file. I want to apply vlookups in 16 columns from the input file into the output file. I have written a code in which i am first copying the input data into the output file and then applying the vlookups. I am facing an issue in making the vlookups dynamic. For example, I want to change the lookup value (rows) and the columns in which the formula is being applied. I tried to make it dynamic using a loop and incrementing the values, but did not have much luck. Any help would be appreciated. Files attached for reference. Input file name: Input File Output file name: FY20Q4_Spend_Sponsorships Sheet in which lookups to be executed: Dynamics Tracker Input sheet where data is being pasted: Data sheet Column references are updated in the first row of the Dynamics Tracker sheet for reference.

    Re: Add data from multiple workbooks into one master file.

    Since I'm a beginner.. is it possible to make some changes in the code I wrote? It would help me understand the steps a little clearly. Thank you

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    Here's some code that you can adapt


    I'm desperately in need of some help. I'm trying to create a code where

    • a new workbook (masterfile is created)
    • rename the master file to a fixed name and save it on a fixed path
    • add a set of variables to the first row
    • reference a folder where all my data files are kept
    • open each file, copy the data, paste into the master file and close the file
    • move onto the next file, repeat procedures, till there are no more files in the folder

    I have written a code for the same, but i'm unable to run the code. It skips the loop and does not copy anything from the sub files into the master file. Please assist.