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    Hi There

    Not really understanding what you are asking here...

    The reference range B17:E23 is larger than the output range G17:L23 i.e. the reference range B17:E23 contains a cell count of 28, whilst the output range G17:L23 contains a cell count of 42, so you cannot copy one to the other !!!

    Which range/cells exactly do you need from the reference range and where in the output range do you expect to see the result?
    Also, what do you expect to see in the output range G17:L23 when derived from the input range?

    Why is PH circled and 1-9 respectively?



    Forgive me but I am a bit lost now.
    How does column M get updated to "Completed " or "Unable"

    Is the result provided not the same as you are asking. i.e. the job completed date is not the same as the Appt Date so "Failure"
    if the appointment result = "Failure" then the reason surely must be either: not attended,More than 1 visit, a completed date greater than the appt date !

    This would be the same result?

    unless I am way off with my 2nd guessing that is!


    Thanks for the update.
    There was a typo in your original post which caused the error No "+" before "Myjoin", but no worries, and I see how this works, but it is not dynamic in selecting new entries.

    Adding more lines to the original lists do not get picked up into the joined

    Thanks anyway and a good solution.


    try the attached, no need to answer questions in my previous post

    Code assigned to the button

    Perfect solution although I attached to the on change event rather than a button
    I especially like the fact that any changes to a column are inserted in the correct place in the "Joined List"

    Just for interest: Should I want to add more columns, can you please show how to modify the VBA provided

    i.e. adding columns AQ, AR, AS and AU

    Thank you

    Hi All

    Any ideas how to join data from 3 columns into 1 list

    Data is in columns AM, AN, AO and AP and All data starts on Row 9 of each column

    Data should be shown in column AV starting at row 9

    Sometimes though, not all columns are populated.


    Hi Appreciate the update. Can you update the sample sheet to reflect these changes as they are easier to understand in a format that you want. Please include sample data with expected results.

    Still very unsure as to why you would have all tasks / phases starting in parallel. Rarely do projects wotk like this.
    I think you need to revist a structure here otherwise, reconciling a project status cannot be achieved.

    What happens if you start late but finish early "SS FF" how are the tasks linked if one task delays and pushes out the project?
    Also, the predicted end date is not always actual end date, you should have an entry for both.


    Not very clear what you are now wanting, but I am sure the sample sheets on the Chandoo link, does exactly what you need and more.

    Also, the variables in this post are changing with each entry. This make it impossible to try and help.
    Can you please update the post and sample sheet with all requirements detailed and expected outcome, then maybe I and others can help.


    Use a helper column in column D and enter =IF(C6="","",0.2)
    Drag this down over the range and sum the values in the % completed field.

    I am only assuming here that all you need is a finish date to be entered which would indicated completed regarrdless of the date as there are no permutations mentioned for early finish or late finish
    Also, what about the % of progress of each line up to 100%, do you need to see that?

    I am sure the experts here can provide an array formula for the % field, but here is my offering to help.

    hope this helps