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    Hi, I'm the kind of person that would like to figure out things myself, some call it stubborn. That, mixed in with my ignorance got me where I'm now. I'm stuck and have to share this challenge with the group :)

    I have a template sheet in my workbook from which I copy ranges of cells into other sheets by macros. One of the ranges in the template sheet has a calendar control in it and it is linked to the cell underneath. The macro selects the line with the 'Rows("7:7").Select' command. Using this command the calendar control is not copied though.

    Is there a way to copy controls with the cells?

    thanks much

    I'm creating a sheet with 5 checkboxes on each row. These rows are copied down as needed. How can I easily copy a row with checkboxes and have the link cell field in properties automatically link to the underlying field? So the checkbox is in B1 and the Linked cell needs to be B1. I set the color of the cell b1 to white on white so the value TRUE/FALSE does not show. The value of the cell is used elsewhere in the sheet. I tried copying the controls, but the Linked Cell field will either be empty of contain the wrong reference depending whether what was is the source control that was copied.

    Hope this is somehow clear. Hard to explain, it would be alot easier if I could show you :)