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    On my worksheet are alot of data (+1000) listed. Now I want to know howmanny times I have a data listed in eg. the month april in the year 2005?


    Hi, I have 2 little questions:
    1.How can I adjust the texthight in the footer of an excelsheet with vba?
    2.How can I adjust the footer so that it gives something like page1/2; page 2/2
    automatically (also in vba)

    Problem solved! Ok I'm sorry!

    Private Sub Workbook_beforePrint(cancel As Boolean)
    With ActiveSheet.PageSetup
    .CenterFooter = "page &P/&N" 'this gives "page 1/2" in the centerfooter when you have two pages to print
    .LeftFooter = "&""Arial,Bold""&12Test" 'This gives text "Test" Arial Bold textheight 12 in leftfooter
    End Sub