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    Dear all,
    I have a column with multiple data values in each cell.
    Count of date values varies from 1 to 7 max.
    I need a code to retain only maximum of these date values in each cell and delete rest.

    Please note: Date values are separated with single spaces and colon as well.

    2016/05/25 2016/05/25
    2016/05/25 2016/05/25
    2016/05/25 2016/05/25
    2016/05/24 2016/05/24 2016/05/24 2016/06/07,2016/06/07
    2016/04/28 2016/04/28 2016/05/12
    2016/04/28 2016/04/28

    Please help to improve my logic in these kind of cases.


    ok..Sorry for that..
    I want to extract any .txt file with the criteria as shown in attachment above (Steps 1 to 3), in the existing workbook.
    I dont want to "TEXT EXPORT WIZARD" to appear while this .txt file extracted.

    Dear all,
    I have below code to extract .txt file.

    I want to modify it to suit my criterias shown in attachment.

    Please suggest how best i can do it..?

    Dear all,
    Please review attached file.

    The data below "Scenario" is my present data and "Output Required" is something what i am looking for...

    Process (Refer "Scenario" data):
    1) If any of the Row "Type" is "O", then data available in 'commodity' column must be move to next upper "R" type column under "Col2" cell
    2) After moved, "O" type row has to be deleted.

    Is it possible to do..?

    Please help.

    Re: How do i put multiple checks on Workbook_SheetDeactivate()..?

    Thanks for response...
    Could you please help me to correct below code..I just checking if any ONE cell is colored in range("E36:E45")...
    If anyone cell is colored, then code must allow user to move to next sheet else it must throw a message...

    Dear all,
    I have below 2 codes to do some cross checks..How best i can add these code on Workbook_SheetDeactivate(), so
    that both the conditions are checked.

    If either of the conditions is not true, then it must not allow user to move forward for next sheet.

    Plz suggest.
    Many thanks

    Dear all,

    I am using below code to delete the RIGHT CLICK menu items when clicked over any cell.
    How best i can modify this code to delete the RIGHT CLICK menu items when clicked over any SHAPES (Say an Image or rectangle) as well...?

    Any urgent response will be of great help.