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    Re: £25 - Creating a Userform

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    OK I have found a way to use random selection of referees without too much re-work.

    In the attached file the data validation for referee selection has been removed and now, when a cell in either of the 2 referee columns is clicked, a referee is randomly selected from the list of all referees. The same checks are performed on that selection as were done when the referee was manually selected, and the same messages and options to accept or not are shown if appropriate. If a referee is selected for either first or second choice after the other choice has been made and the randomly selected name is the same then a new random selection takes place automatically.

    To change an already selected referee click on that name and a message will show to confirm that a new randomly selected referee is to replace the current referee.

    I really appreciate your efforts.

    I'll play around with it and I'll get back to you in the next 48 hours!

    Got a few things to do first!

    Re: £25 - Creating a Userform

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    I have added the extra requirements for items 1 and 3.

    You forgot to add the document?

    In relation to your other part, I'll get back to you after seeing the updated attachment if thats ok?

    I've attached the document to set out the requirements.

    10% has been dealt with.

    Time frame = As soon as possible, any time before end of Saturday now.

    I appreciate your help by the way and look forward to your response

    It may be worth mentioning that it needs to be created for every weekday per calendar month as when we don't play then it doesn't caused debates on the actual day we last played.

    If the rota can start from April 2015 (we started the league then) that would be great and then end at the present month so July 2015 in this case. Reason why we can't plan ahead is because we don't know who is available until closer the time.

    Re: How do I delete a row?

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    And how is the letter produced...?

    Information in your post is very limited - all you will get is general suggestions which is not what you want. Consider taking the time to fully explain the scenario...


    It's exactly like the attachment.

    Once the template is locked, the end users can only type in the grey fields.

    The problem I have is if there isn't a reference to enter, you remove the text then the letter looks unprofessional as there will be a random gap between Address Line 5 and Dear Sir/Madam

    For this reason I was hoping that if "You double click ‘Reference’ and then it deletes that entire row so ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ and ‘I am writing to’ move up a row"

    Re: How do I delete a row?

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    Why bother with a macro when a mouse click and 1 keypress will do it...?

    Good question.

    It may be worth mentioning that it will be a template letter within Word.

    Sometimes the field will be needed, other times it will not be.

    Sending out a letter when the field is not needed but still present makes it look unprofessional

    1) Do you know if it is possible to put "absent" on the graph when there is no data to display

    2) Do you know if it is possible when there is no data to be displayed to have the graph just miss out the dates i.e. 01/04/2015 to not be mentioned on the graph at all

    3) Do you know if the graph can only show the full calendar month and nothing more. In other words have the graph show 30 days for April, 30 days for June, 31 days for July and so on.

    4) Next to the graph is it possible to have a table of the actual results displaying

    a) Calls Taken (figure)
    b) Calls Missed (figure)
    c) Overall Percentage of calls taken (%)
    d) Overall Percentage of calls missed (%)

    For All working days, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 & Week 4

    This means that if you struggle to read the graph, the statistics are right next to it.

    Attachment is in first post

    Question is as follows:

    When a reference cannot be provided, is it possible for a user to click "reference" and then it deletes that row?

    Attachment in first post

    P.S. It has to be done in Word, using Excel is not an option.