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    Hi good people,

    If I have numbers going down in column A, some are duplicates and some are 0's, I would like a formula that will give this exact same list in another column, but filter out the 0's, shifting everything up to give a list including duplicates. Please can someone help with this?..Thank you all kindly..

    Re: disable workbook close button

    When it comes to VBE, I'm clueless...really. I have put point 1 and 2 as you said. I do not know how to carry out point 3. The next code is the one in the button:

    Sub CloseWorkBook()
    ' CloseWorkBook Macro
    Application.DisplayAlerts = False
    Application.DisplayAlerts = True
    End Sub

    Please help

    Re: disable workbook close button

    I agree, it's only really to guide the user to make use of the button given. If they really want to be otherwise, well, then they can but they will only shoot themselves in the foot, especially if they choose not to save, so to make sure all work is saved, the button had been provided. Another reason for providing the button is to make sure the book closes properly. For some reason if the "X" is used, the book closes as well as the application, HOWEVER, if I open the book again excel gives a message saying "Sorry, excel cannot open two workbooks with the same name"...I cannot, and have been battling for weeks to sort that out, but I just cannot pinpoint the source for this condition....The book is huge with about 15 sheets, and each one contains quite a bit of coding..

    hi guys,

    I found the following code in this forum, to disable the "X", workbook close button.

    Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)          
    If CloseMode = 0 Then Cancel = True
        MsgBox "Please go to File > Close to close this file" 
    End Sub

    The thing is that when I click the "X",the message box appear, but as soon as I acknowledge the message, the book closes anyways. Please would someone have a look to see what is missing here?...Thanx to each and everyone...

    Hi good people!,

    My first time here, so...Hi!!!.

    Would anyone please be so kind to help me display some data on a userform?. The data range starts at AY27:Bg27. These are actually the headings. Data populates underneath these headings and can range any amount of rows, I would say maybe one thousand rows max. At times it may be 10 rows, then suddenly more, or less, and so on. I have a form control button that places a "1" in Z2. As soon as this "1" is present, the data populates and I would then like to see this data on a userform. Most likely the userform should have vertical scroll bar as well. Any help will be accepted with great humility and respect. Thank you all kindly..