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    Hi I attached a sample workbook,

    Re: Shift+Ctrl+Enter Into VBA

    Quote from Batman;754140

    You will need to find a way of shortening the formula, as there is a limit of 255 characters when creating array formulas in VBA.

    ahhh you might be right lol, makes sense now. :( any ideas on how to shorten to just show alphanumeric numbers/letters?

    Hi guys,my codes purpose is to shorten fields to make them only alphanumeric in a new column.
    The following code does not work as a code because I do not know how to do shift+ctrl+enter in code.
    Doing it with just the formula is fine and works fine with dragging down, but I want to use a macro so I can automate this throughout a directory.
    I have tried .FormulaArray and get a error.

    any help on making this a usable macro would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.