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    Hello all! First of all, I want to thank you for you great responsiveness. Although it is my first or second post, I come to this forum every now and then looking for answers.

    Now, let's go to my problem. I have a workbook containing a list of all invoices from all branches, let's call it "Everything", and basically I need to search if the invoices are found in another file containing each branch's invoices,. It's actually on file for each branch, and each file is divided with sheets by month, and I need to check in every sheet and then insert a value in a cell. Let's call this one "0001" and so on for each branch.

    The "everything" file contains basically one column with the branch number, one with the invoice number, one with the issuer code and one saying if it was found on the branches files. The branches files contains the same except the branch number, and the last column says if the invoice is on the "Everything" file or not. There are cases where an invoice is on the branch file and is not on the "everything file" and also cases where it is on the everything file and is not on the branches file.

    What I tried to do was insert a loop in VBA so it would go automatically invoice after invoice in the everything file and open the specific branch file, then search for the invoice number in each sheet. I would also need to check if the issuer is the same, but first I tried this code and when it searched for the value it returned the wrong cell! Here is the code:

    What is going on? I am a true noob in VBA, but i didn't find anything wrong with this code... can you help me?