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    Re: Error! Could not get the column property, Invalid argumnet

    Any update from so called moderators or admins... Atleast ban me... But the problem is most of so called admins dnt even have solution so just they become sarcastic to avoid the topic

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    Re: Error! Could not get the column property, Invalid argumnet

    If excel file required let me knw i ll attach

    For context:
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    i get above error while i tried to add a new column to a database i increased column count to 13 also and tried to name it also to M but still same error i got a template with 12 columns that can add delete and search data but after adding
    Column it adds data but when i try to display it by clicking in listbox it shows above error also. Working on it since long time but all in vain
    I m beginner of excel vba. Original Code for listbox given below I want to increase record to more columns like father's name date of birth etc Nd display same like previous records in textboxes by adding more text boxes.

    The column headers of the page as follows :

    – First Name

    – Company

    – Address

    – City

    – Country

    – State

    – ZIP

    – Phone

    – Fax

    – Email

    – Web

    – Estimated Revenue

    First we have created 12 units textboxes that to enter data into this columns. There are labels on their side.

    We put 4 units main buttons. buttons and their codes are as follows:

    Codes of this buttons :