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    Re: If 1st Condition Met Don't Execute 2nd IF Statement

    Thanks for your prompt reply,
    I think i was too brief with my explanation. Assume pitchX is -11.1877. The 2 if statements are 2 separate thing which must be checked. What im concern is that now the value of pitchX = Range("E8").Value, which is -11.1877. So back to the 2nd if statement, Range("E8").Value shouldn't be bold since the condition is not met. but yet it is.

    The code somehow does not see that pitchX is a negative value. When tested on a positive value, everything's fine. So I'm really confused right now?? :confused:

    I'm having a problem with negative values. Somehow if the pitchX is
    -11.1877, let's say, and it is the right value, the code will still perform the 2nd if statement, when it should not. Am I using the wrong data type? Or is there anything I'm missing out?


    Re: Get/Determine Selected Item In ComboBox

    Sorry if my explanation was unclear. The combobox is on a userform.
    Thing is, with the value of the combobox, will open a worksheet.
    I guess what i should have asked was..

    1) Is there a way to not allow the user to key in any values in the combobox?
    2) Is there a way to check if the user have made a selection in the combobox? Coz a selection MUST be made..

    thanks again =)

    Re: Selecting A Column Based On Criteria

    i wanna copy it out to another sheet within the same workbook...but i tink tat part i pretty much know how to do...juz tat im not able to select the range aft finding the last used cell --> F77..u get wat i mean right? haha hope im explaining clear enuf...

    Re: Set Empty Cell To Zero

    i tried the codes..but it doesn't seem to work. U see the problem is that, several data will be opened at 1 time n placed in different sheets in a workbook. So the loop will have to go through each sheet n check the range of data contained in it (say "A10:G"). Each data may vary in range. So while checking the range, if a blank cell is encountered. A zero will be placed in it.


    i need to loop through worksheets to extract data from a range of cells. While looping, if a range does not contain any data, i need to set the cell value to zero. Can anyone help me with the codes?? =)

    Re: Extracting A Value From A Row Of Data

    thanks Rich, i get what u've explained and have been working ard with the Ucase() and inStr() function for a while. But if its not too much of a trouble, would u mind showing me an example with the codes? =) just so that i get a betta idea of how the code goes..

    thanks again

    hi, im very new to Excel/VBA, though i do have basic knowledge of Visual

    im working on a project which i have to import a data to excel and extract certain values from it to check if the data is accurate. Problem is, after i import the data, it will all be displayed in a single column.

    Say at Row A7:
    Edge exclusion [mm]: 3.0000

    i need to extract the value 3.0000 out from this row. But in order to do so, i need to find the word 'Edge' in Column A, get the row number, then extract the value. am i right? Coz there may be other '3.0000' in other rows.

    What is the simplest way to achieve this? :( need solution urgently..

    note: there may be spaces before the 1st word in the row